Can you unstop the kitchen sink through the pee trap?

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What should you do if your kitchen sink is gurgling?

Answer when your kitchen sink gurgles, that means that there is a restriction of flow, aka a stoppage. it is best to run a cable down the line. you may want to try a non-toxic baterial enzyme, like "bio-clean". this product will not harm your pipes at all!! . Another reason for sink gurgling is t ( Full Answer )

How do you install a kitchen sink?

Site the opening, by tracing the outline. Drill a 3/8 inch-diameter hole in each corner and begin cutting with a saber saw blade along the inside line. Install the faucet and the sink strainers. After installing apply a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the underside of the sink. Flip t ( Full Answer )

What is a pee trap?

Answer . The drain under a sink when it goes thru the wall instead of the floor. If looked at from the side, it would look like a P.

How do you clean a granite kitchen sink?

Answer . According to a website of fine sinks and baths, clean a granite sink by using a soapy nylon brush in circular motions. Rinsing and drying is very important in avoiding film build-up. Never use abrasive cleaning products.

What metal are kitchen sinks made from?

There are three basic types of kitchen sink materials -- (1) stainless steel, (2) enameled cast iron, and (3) solid surface. . Stainless steel sinks are the most popular because they are easy to clean and heat resistant. Stainless steel is an alloy and derives it's stainless quality from both chrom ( Full Answer )

How do I unclog the kitchen sink if it is clogged after the trap?

\n. \n. \nI use a wet dry/vac in my sink. If that doesn't clear it you have to stop up the vent pipe on the roof and try again, Be carefull not to overfill the vac. \n. \nYou can remove the connections after the traps and try wire clean out There are also long clean out devices to run down the ro ( Full Answer )

Why sink need a trap?

the traps designed use was to hold a " plug " of water, to help stop sewer odors from backing up the pipes.

How do you remove the kitchen sink elbow trap pipe to clean it?

If you mean the joint at the bottom of the sink drain that curves up and hooks to the pipe leading through the wall, it is called a "P" trap (due to its shape). The trap is held in place by two nuts, one attaches it to the sink drain and the other attaches it to the drain pipe leading outside. Loose ( Full Answer )

How do you plumb kitchen sink drains?

Sorry but the original question can not be answered here, as you need to understand plumbing codes and in the end you must follow local codes. Same as this question, how to plumbing kitchen. There is too much involved to explain the process. I would suggest getting a book on plumbing to acc ( Full Answer )

Slow draining kitchen sink?

Partial clog or not enough or proper venting. If it is a single sink, there may not be a vent to it. On a double sink, one side vents from the other. On a single the water is trying to push past the air in the drain.

Kitchen sink height?

Standard kitchen sinks height range depending on the type of sink,height of the user and personal preference. Average sink heightsrange from 29 inches to as much as 36 inches.

What is the standard size p-trap used for a kitchen sink?

1.50" for kitchen 1.25" for bathroom Good plumbing practices one would use 11/2 in for basins and 2" for kitchen sinks would be ideal to allow for routine snaking and better scouring action. Using barely minimum code standards is not what one should use in their own home or any buildin ( Full Answer )

When was the sink trap invented?

1743 in England for the Duke of York and if you need the exact month check out the history of plumbing

How do you replace kitchen sink?

This depends if this sink is a drop in sink or over plated sink. Single bowl or double bowl and the shape of the sink and whether it has faucets (taps) or a single lever mixer.

Why would you pee in a sink?

There are probably no other reasons except this. You really had to go and the toilet was to far. Or blocked off. But if it wasn't one of those reasons well, that means you peed in the sink for no reason and you're screwed. Our database is updated daily, with old competitions being removed and on ave ( Full Answer )

What is kitchen-sinking?

Kitchen-sinking is when combatants throw accusations at each other that have little to do with the disagreement at hand.

Paula deen's kitchen sink?

The main sink that Paula Deen has in her kitchen is a big one. Itis a very wide double sink that is 48 inches in length. It has twofaucets, one for each side of the sink.

How do you lower a pee trap?

Assuming the horizontal discharge line is connected to the drain system inside the wall, you will need to remove the wall section to determine if that line can be lowered at the elbow or "Y" connection to an acceptable slope. Once you have lowered the horizontal it is easy to find an extension fitti ( Full Answer )

What are the features of a kitchen sink drama?

I assume you mean some sort of drama, that might be the serious side of what would be the setting of a situation comedy- dysfunctional family, marriage, family arguments. based on the (Three Relations) attributed to Plato ( some say Aristotle) it would all take place in one setting, say a crummy or ( Full Answer )

How do you Vent for kitchen sink in island?

There is a vent available for this. It is meant to cap 1 1/2 PVC. T the drain and put the vent as high as you can. It is spring loaded and the water will pull the vent open and close when the pressure equalizes. This is only for a single sink. If using a double sink, one side uses the other for the ( Full Answer )

Capacity of a kitchen sink?

Like many other things, they vary, and also many kitchens have double bowls in the sink. What I consider an average has a bowl size of 14 x 16 inches and 7 inches deep. This will hold about 19 litres full to the top. Please remember, they vary greatly, - I fit many sinks and see them in sizes from 1 ( Full Answer )

How durable are copper kitchen sinks?

It all depends on how well you take care of it. If you do all the things that is required to maintain a copper kitchen sink they can last for quite a while. I would say if properly taken care of they can last in 10's of years range.

Why is water coming up through the leftside of the kitchen sink?

the pipe connecting the two bays has a negative pitch, you need toshorten the down stem on the side that gets the backup if it is theside furthest from the drain, or get a longer stem if it is theside closest to the stem, if it is a t connection where the drainis in the middle just shorten the stem ( Full Answer )

What is the standard height of kitchen sink?

Standard c-top height in a kitchen is 36". So depending on the mounting style of the sink it will be a little over 36 or about 3/4 - 1 1/8 " below.

How do people pee in a sink?

People do this, mostly men, but it is considered inappropriate in terms of behavior and manners (as well as consideration of others). - actually this is how you do it for men you just typically pee in it and wash it out but women sit on it pee then wipe put tissue in the loo and wash out!

What is that smell under the kitchen sink?

It's a little difficult for me to check from here. -It needs someone to look underneath and narrow it down. Possibly the drain is leaking, you may have forgotten some vegetables you stored there or other similar things. Yes, you need to look. Empty everything out and check to see if there is dampn ( Full Answer )

How do you unclog a kitchen pea trap?

First, that's a 'P' trap (because of it's shape, - it doesn't trap peas ). To unclog it you undo both of the large nuts you will see on each side of the lower bend. Have a small bucket or container handy to put under it to catch overflow. Easiest to do it with a medium pipe wrench, an auto oil filte ( Full Answer )

Can you spray Lysol on a kitchen sink?

Lysol is not safe to spray on a kitchen sink. It contains chemicals harmful if ingested. If you are washing you're dishes in a Lysol covered sink then your plates will be contaminated, when you eat off the plates you are ingesting all those bad chemicals.

Could a diamond be found in the grease trap of a kitchen sink?

Yes, if a diamond has been dropped into the sink and has not been washed into the sewer system, and remains in the grease trap, it can be recovered -- usually by a plumber. This is not a standard place, however, where you are likely to find a diamond just because you chose to look for one in this ( Full Answer )

Why Kitchen sink gurgl?

Well, I sense yourpipes might be choked. Suggest you get a plumber to investigate andclear away any chokages. Moving forward, I'll suggest you getyourself a good sink strainer to keep food scrapes out of yourpipes. We had that problembefore as my mother has the habit of pouring used cooking oils ( Full Answer )

What is the best brand for kitchen sinks?

"Kraus,Moen,American standard,Blanco,Kohler,Elkay ,Franke,Fontaine, Vigo are all leading brands for stainless steel kitchen sinks and offer a wide ranging of products based on your need for use,looks,water flow control,durability ,longevity and price."

Is there a reason for two sinks in the kitchen?

There is a very simple reason for two sinks in the kitchen.One sink is for the actual cleaning process and sink 2 is for rinsing all of the dishes soap off.

Does kitchen sink need to be grounded?

It is already grounded through the faucet and water pipes. Even if the supply lines are PVC, it will still be grounded through the water.

How do you measure a kitchen sink?

For a new installation it's necessary to measure it outside so the hole in countertop is cut correctly. This measurement is usually printed on the label or box the sink comes in, ie - 16 x 32 or 17 x 36. Most sinks come with a paper template to cut the hole accurately.

What are undermount kitchen sinks?

Undermount kitchen sinks are sinks that are mounted under a kitchen cabinet instead of on top. This provides a more sleek look to the counter, but it can be much more expensive than the top version.

How can kitchen sinks be dangerous for children?

Kitchen sinks can be dangerous for children because after cooking, hot pots and pans are often left in the sink to cool. It is important to use cold water to cool these cooking implements down.

Does a kitchen sink drain need a trap?

Its good practice to fit a "U" trap under a sink unit or a "bottletrap". The latter is quick to install but can take up more roomthat a small "U" trap. However, a "bottle trap" is more accessibleif there are clogs as the base unscrews quicky without effectingthe pipe work.