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Can you upgrade your processor and power supply?

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Of course, however you have to know the type of processor you can handle. You may have a HP, DELL, COMPAQ, or other brand written on your computer. Go to their site and put in the product key on the computer, it should direct you to your model. Now you can look at the specs on your motherboard and it should tell you what your motherboard is aloud to upgrade to for you processor. As for the power supply =, you may want a specialist to look and see what kind of power supply you should buy depending on what your trying to do.

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How do you upgrade from an Intel Pentium II to an Intel Pentium 4?

That would require purchasing a new motherboard, processor, and power supply.

What can you do when the power supply does not give enough power to your GPU?

Upgrade the power supply to a faster more powerful one.

If you upgrade your processor to 64-bit processor then what else do you need to upgrade to use it?

Usually, you do not have to upgrade anything else.

Can you upgrade from an Intel 80486 processor to an Intel Pentium III processor?

Not without replacing the motherboard. Since Pentium III AT motherboards are all but not existent, you'd probably need a new case and power supply. At that, you might as well buy a "new" computer.

If you want to fully upgrade your computer what should you upgrade first?

A full upgrade would be your CPU to a higher speed, your RAM for more memory and your video card so you can play faster games. But you have to be careful, your power supply that is installed was installed with the wattage for that particular system. If you do a full upgrade you may find that your power supply can no longer produce enough power to your motherboard, then you would have to add a new power supply also.

What is the 4-pin connector on ATX power supplies used for?

to supply power to the processor

What is the best upgrade for a naim pre-amp?

A HICAP power supply

Is it beneficial to upgrade your processor?


How do you upgrade the processor in a acer aspire one AOA150Bb also what can you upgrade it to?

You can't. The processor is usually soldered onto the motherboard in netbooks.

What does the Power Supply power?

A power supply unit (PSU) provides power to all the components in the computer. Typically that would include the system board, the processor, the video cards, and storage devices.

What are components of embedded system?

1.processor 2.power supply 3.reset

Should you upgrade the core 2 duo processor in your MacBook Pro or just upgrade the ram to 8 gb?

See, an RAM upgrade will give you the power to run more programs without any lag. If your current computer runs without hanging and you just want a speed boost then you may consider an upgrade in the processor. I recommend you to see Intel i3-3200 processor. It is much better then core2duo and not very expensive.

Will my antec vp450 power supply be able to produce enough power for an Asus nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti and an Asus m5a78lm usb3 motherboard and an amd bulldozer fx 4100 3.6GHz processor?

Only just, but I would still upgrade it as soon as possible.

What happens if my processor doesn't have enough power to run a graphics card?

I'll try to answer this as best as I can. A processor doesn't supply power. Power-based, you'd be looking at the actual power supply. If a PC doesn't have enough power, the system can either stall when trying to access unavailable power, or simply shut down. However, if you mean something else, the processor can bottleneck you. I put in a $120 Graphic card into my system and saw no change in my computer. When I got a new motherboard and processor, my performance skyrocketed.

Where do you buy a supercomputer?

They are not commercially sold, the power supply needed would probably also mean you would need to upgrade your power supply. Just buy a commercial computer.

Do you need to upgrade your power supply you have installed a new processor the AMD Phenom 9750 from the AMD Phenom 9500 IT doesn't pass the POST test because it doesn't beep at all?

First of all you must ensure that your motherboard actually support the processor you have. If it is Supported, then maybe only in a newer Bios, and you would need to upgrade your Bios. If everything is a match and the processor just does not work, then take it out, check for damages and try to put it back in again. The chances are that it is actually faulty. There should be no need to upgrade power supply if computer has been running before with a different processor. If you are unsure regarding the powersupply, then try to disconnect power to harddrives and cd-roms. If this still not do the trick, then maybe the powersupply is faulty. The processor itself drains approx 95 Watts. A normal powersupply today support from 360Watts and up. You should be able to boot up with any powersupply supporting your motherboard. Be aware that some motherboards might need an extra powercable from supply to a square contact with 4 pins close to the processor. Normal colours on this cable is yellow and black. If your motherboard has got a connector for this and your powersupply does not have this cable, then this is the most likely cause of your problem.

Can you upgrade your PowerPC G4 eMac to an Intel processor?

It is not possible for a person to upgrade their PowerPc G4 eMac to an Intel processor. This is because the computer model is severely outdated and isn't compatible with the Intel processor.

Why does your tv turn its self off?

This is mostly due to the micro processor within the main power supply, the major cause for this is that the processor has had a power spike or brown out, the latter being the key culprit. The TV would have suffed a dramatic loss in power then the power is restored and often blows the micro processor.

Can a 350 Watt Power Supply Power a 350 watt minimum card?

No. A power supply has to power all componets in a computer - processor, disk drives, optical storage, memory. So, a power supply has to be more powerful. Exact value depends on how much power all components use.

Can any power supply be used on a Pentium 4 processor?

Yes, almost every PSU has enough power to supply a P4 CPU. It depends on the total load, not only on the CPU.

What is the difference between power supply failure VGA card failure and processor fan failure?

The power supply is what provides power for everything in your computer (processor, disk drives, hard drives, fans, etc.). If your power supply fails your computer can't turn on at all (no activity). The VGA card is your graphics card. If the VGA card fails your computer will still turn on but you won't see anything on your monitor (no graphics). The processor fan is the fan that sits on top and cools your main processor. If your processor fan fails and the computer continues to stay on it's likely that you processor will overheat and be ruined. If your main processor is fried your computer will turn on but windows will not boot up and you may see an error message on the screen.

Why should I upgrade my computer from a Pentium d processor to the core quad processor?

Not enough information.

Can you upgrade your Acer 5810T laptop processor?


When upgrading your video card why might you also have to upgrade your power supply?

Usually not, the only thing you may have to upgrade is your motherboard. Just keep in mind that some of the newer, more powerful video cards will require a certain wattage in your power supply. If your current PSU doesn't meet the requirements (or if it is already over-taxed by other components), you will need an upgrade.

What should you consider when deciding on a celeron processor upgrade?

Ensure the motherboard can accommodate CPU's power needs and select a CPU with a faster FSB