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Your amp's got enough power there to blow those speakers to kingdom come, but that doesn't mean you can't use them. At low volume settings, you're nowhere near the maximum output of the amp, so use them, but be careful. You should be able to hear when you're overdriving them.

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Q: Can you use 30W speakers in a 300W HiFi System without damaging them?
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Is 44w steel and 300w steel the same?

300w is the metric designation of 44w

What speakers should you use with 500 watt amp?

You need to see specifications of both amp and speaker, though you didn't provided much info you can use around 300W to 400W speakers whichever is available.

Is it safe to connect a 300W amplifier to a 60W speaker?

Safe, as in you're not going to electrocute yourself, yes.<br /> But, the amp will be able to put out more power than the speakers can handle, so don't turn the volume up all the way or you will fry the speakers.

What ASTM steel is equivalent 300W?

Astm a-36

What does 300W plate mean?

300w is mild steel plateIt is the same thing as 44W or A36 plateThe 300 refers to the material yield strength in MPa

My speakers are 300w peak power with 8 ohm what amp is compatible?

There is no power amplifier with 8 Ohms output impedance. Therefore the usual impedance of this amp is arround 0.1 ohms which is good for bridging your 8 Ohm speakers. Scroll down to related links and look at "Interconnection of two units - Voltage Bridging - Zout < Zin".

Can you run 2 80watt rms speakers Max output 600W each and 2 35watt rms speakers Max 300W each with a 60watt rms x 4 at 4 ohms Max output 700W amplifier?

Yes. Peak power or max output is rubbish. You will never get clarity at a speaker or amp's max output. RMS is what it's all about.

Will a 100rms mini two way car subwhich doesn't need an amp to run work well with two 4 inch 3way 300w speakers and also two 6x9 400w speakers?

There MUST be some sort of amp powering the sub. An amp gives you power much like if you plug a light into a wall outlet. Hopefully there is a second 4-channel amp powering the speakers... Also, are you listing rms or max power for the 4" and 6x9" speakers? What sort of power is being run to the speakers also? Your question needs to be more specific to be able to answer it properly.

Can you connect a 300W amplifier to a 60W amplifier?

The only way to connect a 300W amplier to a 60W amplifier is in series. You would also need to carefully balance the inputs so that the two amplifiers would do exactly their assigned workload. Its not a good idea, however, because the distrortion from the 300W amp would likely overwhelm the capacity from the 60W unit. Besides, 60W is less than -6db difference from 300W. The human ear can only resolve differences of only +/- 3 db, so just ignire the 60W and go with the 300W. Any thing else is likely to wind up being the "distorted" noise that irritates us peace seakers.

Is it Normal For Gateway Desktop 300w Power supply to turn on automatically when plugged into power source?

Yes, that is normal.

How much does a 300w bulb use of electricity?

If left on for four hours it would use 1.2 kWh of power.

How much energy does tidal energy produce in one day?

The amount of Watts a tidal energy gives is 200-300W

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