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It works with a broadband connection. dsl=broadband, therefore should work (unless you have a slow dsl connection.


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I can't get DSL service in my area. How can I use magic jack or nettalk DUO without DSL?

The answer is simply yes. Magic jack does not need this service nor does it use it to operate. However, you might need a regular phone or a cell phone to dial local numbers. Magic Jack now thinks that many local numbers are conference calls and requires that you to pay extra for that.

It depends on which version of the device you have. If you have the regular Magic Jack, then yes, you must keep your computer on to use it. If you are expecting a call, it cannot be off. If you have the Magic Jack Plus, then you only need to leave your router on, since it can plug into a network socket rather than just a USB port.

Use a 1 to 2 phone jack splitter and then a filter on your DSL jack.

For International purchasing try - they also have an unblocking software that lets you use magic jack in countries that block magic jack.

You will need to have an ethernet card in order to use dsl or cable internet with your computer.

No, no existing phone line is needed, just internet service. the Magic Jack connects either to your modem or router, or to the USB port of your computer, depending on which type you purchase.

Some newer fax machines will work with Magic Jack. Magic Jack does not support faxing through their service, and success has been hit and miss.

No. Magic Jack doesn't like to be on the phone, So unless it is and emergency, You're out of luck.

It has a chip inside that receives same signal as a phone line. Just plug it into the wall or you can use the computer to plug it in to.

You use the magic amulet that Jack and Annie gave you.

Jack and Annie gave you a magic amulet. Use that.

You do not need to run any wires. DSL connects directly to the phone jack. You run phone line from the phone jack to a filter, then to the DSL Modem. You can also install a filter at the interface to eliminate the need for filters inside the home. If you install interior filters, you will need one at each phone jack that is being used by any device. From the modem you can either run USB or Ethernet cable to the computer if the modem is a USB/Ethernet modem. I do not recommend USB. Use the Ethernet if at all possible. The connection is more stable and slightly faster. If your computer has no Ethernet connection, you can install an Ethernet card for as little as $20. Use a good quality Cat5 or Cat6 cable from the Modem to the computer.

No. There are many other ways to make a conference call - without having to use Magic Jack

I would recommend using Magic Jack for IP telephony. With Magic Jack, you can use any type of phone you wish to use.

You don't. You plug the mini modem into your computer via USB.


The DSl wireless router tranfers information to your computer via the ethernet cord. You can only use a phone lline for dial-up.

Use the service Great voice quality and let your magic jack and skype works in any country in the world

It is possible to use in japan but not for local only for international.

You must be referring to Magic Jack; The service requires a computer with an internet connection; As long as you have that, you should be able to use it !

No. You just have to hook the router to a landline or DSL modem as you would a desktop computer.

Magic Jack is a USB device that you connect to a USB port on your computer and plug any home telephone into Magic Jack's USB device. MagicJack uses VOIP and your computer will need an Internet access. The device automatically downloads necessary software for making phone calls. You will need to register at Magic Jack's website to obtain a phone number of your choosing. It allows you to make local phone calls and long distance phone call for a yearly payment of $19.95 USD.

Magic jack is designed specifically for calls. But there is a faxing service available that uses internet connection to send faxes, this is the online fax service.

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