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Yes, as long as you use an NiCd charger, but you really shouldn't. NiMh has twice the capacity of NiCd and it is less expensive. NiMh also contains no toxic materials so it is better for the environment.

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Q: Can you use NiCD battery in place of NiMH battery?
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Can you use nimh battery charger to recharge nicd battery?

Probably, but they may come out slightly undercharged.. I've put NiMH cells in a charger designed for NiCd without a problem but haven't tried the other way around.

Can you use nimh batteries in place of nicd?

Yes they are a direct replacement with very similar voltage characteristics.

Your camera insists to use nimh AA batteries can you use nicd batteries?

yes. NiMH batteries and chargers are easier to come by though. Alot of times, the mAh will be higher in the NiMH batteries as there is really no point to using NiCD unless you'd prefer it.

Which batteries do you use in medical equipments?

NiCd, Lithium, Lood, NiMH, Li-ion, Alkaline. I can't tell you which types are appropriate for your medical device(s), anyway! (NiCd and Lithium battery types must be disposed off properly).

Can you use rf80-k charger to charge an NiMH or NiCD battery pack 7.2 volt?

Rf80-k aircrfat battery charger can charge all type of batteries dry and wet cells

Can you use a rechargeable NiMH battery in a wireless mouse?

yesYou can use a NiMH battery in just about any application you would use a normal alkaline battery. However, NiMH batteries do not perform well in low energy applications - they are designed for use in high energy devices like digital cameras. For things like clocks, standard alkaline batteries are better suited.In my personal experience, the NiMH and NiCd batteries did not perform as well in my wireless LASER mouse. Alkaline batteries performed a whole lot better. The problem is that NiMH and NiCd have relatively high "self discharge" rates; that is, while they are not in use, they will loose their charge over a fairly short time as opposed to alkaline batteries which loose their charge at a much smaller rate and over a much, much longer period. Also of consideration is the fact that rechargeables (NiMH & NiCd) produce 1.2v at full charge (NiMH can achieve 1.4v, but for very short time) whereas alkaline batteries are 1.5v. This 0.3v can be a problem with some electronic devices. 9V rechargeables only deliver 7.2v.

Can 4350mAh battery be replace with how many AAA batter?

4350mAh is its capacity - what voltage does it output? Divide this voltage figure by 1.5 if you plan to use zinc carbon or alkaline or divide by 1.2 if you plan to use NiCd or NiMh and that's how many AAA you need. 4350mAh is its capacity - what voltage does it output? Divide this voltage figure by 1.5 if you plan to use zinc carbon or alkaline or divide by 1.2 if you plan to use NiCd or NiMh and that's how many AAA you need.

What's type of charger do you use on NiMH batteriesMine doesn't work on them?

NiMH batteries will need an NiMh battery charger,no other type will work.

Can Nimh batteries can be charged with Nicd charger?

It is always better to use a charger designed to charge a particular battery type. Using a NiCad charger for NiMh batteries or vice versa can cause damage to the charger or batteries, especially if the charger is designed to charge the batteries in under two hours. The worst case is a fire risk. Some charger and battery combinations will work perfectly well together but it is safe to assume that the charger will only be suitable for the battery types stated on it.

One Difference Between A NiMH Battery And A NiCad Battery?

A nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery is one of the more recent evolutions in rechargeable batteries. It is superior to a nickel cadmium (NiCad) battery in almost every way except one. NiMH batteries that are not specially treated have a higher electrical discharge rate when not being used. This means a charged battery drains when not in use quicker than a NiCad battery. In general use, however, NiMH batteries last longer than NiCad batteries.

What is the best type of AA battery to use in extreme cold?

Generally, best to use in cold are Lithium AA batteries. Much better than Alkaline, NIMh, or NiCd. The downside: they're not rechargeable, expensive, and hard to find. Can be found and ordered online though. Well-known brand is Energizer, but ther are alternatives such as Kato.

Can GP rechargeable AA Batteries use in Energizer charger?

If its a NiMH battery then yes. The Energizer charger will charge ANY brand of NiMH rechargeable batteries.

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