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I have worked in many jurisdictions that allowed PVC water service piping, but you need to check with the administrative authority that enforces the Plumbing code (if any) where you live. Yes, most certainly. A recommended pipe would be HDPE Class 16 and size of your choice (i recommend either three quarter inch or one inch pipe for adequate pressure) In most countries, a main line has to be underground, however, as soon as the pipe exists the ground at any given point it has to be non-metallic. As stated above check with your council or municipality regarding any queries regarding what material is allowed and how it must be installed.

2008-10-08 20:31:33
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How do you tap into main water line for sprinkler?

Locate your main water line inside house and shut the water off. Cut pipe and place a tee solder into place. Run your line to exterior of house placing a shut off inside.. Test for leaks..

Why would the main water line in a house of condintionan on it?

Condensation? Water coming in is cold this time of year and the house is warm and may have enough moisture in it to collect on the colder pipe.

Where does bath water come from?

from a main pipe line around an area

Why do water leak before coming to your house?

Because there is a leak in the pipe of the water main.

How do you clean the PVC water pipe line through out the house?

bec. of the gravity.

How do you decommission a cold water pipe?

Turn off at curb stop to decommission whole house or building. Inside of house or building, turn off valve at main water supply at meter and cut and cap cold water line to be decommissioned.

What is a water main?

a water main is the main pipe that the city and towns use to move water from place to place. its the main pipe, so if this pipe breaks it can effect a lot of people

Will home warranty cover a busted water pipe underdriveway of the house?

If it is a plumbing pipe, it probably will. The water line from the meter to the house is the owner responsibility. If it is part of a lawn sprinkler system, it may not be covered.

What fitting will be used to connect the water service pipe to feed pipe for the house?

Water main coming into house usually 3/4" K copper pipe. Depending on local plumbing code, fitting usually is flared or soldered.

What size PVC pipe do you use for the main drain line out of your house to the street?

Most of the time it is 4 inch.

How is water suspended in cities?

By a shut off valve connecting it to the main pipe to your apartment or house.

What kind of solder should be used on an underground copper pipe that needs to be reconnected as the pipe was cut because of a leakwhich is the main water pipe for the house 7.5 feet underground?

Get rid of the entire copper pipe and fit 3/4 PEX from the street main into the house. Cheap and reliable.

How does water enter a house from the water main?

Through a pipe. The main water line is either in the street or alley depending on where you live. Either a 3/4 or 1 inch line T's off of that and runs through a meter to measure how much you use. It comes into the house through the basement wall about half way up the wall on the side face the main. About 4 feet below the level of the ground. The first place it goes after that is the water heater and then to the rest of the house.

How can you clean the water pipe line?

You can use one of the cleaners available in the market to clean the water pipe line.

Is a water pipe from the street to the house covered if pipe freezes and breaks?

The pipe from the main to the meter is the city's responsibility, from the meter to the house is the home owners. Insurance probably will not cover the pipe but may cover damage caused by the leak. Policies vary.

What is water supply water pipe?

The water supply water pipe is the water service pipe that brings water into a building. The water supply pipe comes from the road into the house.

When you run water in the house or flush the toilet the water comes out of the access pipe in the front yard?

Broken sewer line /stoppage

What type of pipe do you use to replace the line from the house to the water main is there anything cheaper than copper?

Yes Bamboo is going for really low prices these days and are proven to work well

What is wrong in a house built in 2000 if the toilet and sink bubble when taking a shower and the tub will not completely drain for 20 minutes?

I had a similar problem recently, though our house is about 30 years older. In our case, the problem was blockage in the main drain line from the house. You should have at least one clean-out somewhere between your house and the main sewer line. I would unscrew the cap and look in the pipe, maybe even have someone flush as I watched. You should see water flow past. If you see water in the pipe when you unscrew the cap, there is a blockage somewhere between there and the main line. If you don't see a rapid "whoosh" of water going by as a toilet is flushed, but see a slow steady flow, you probably have some partial blockage between there and the toilet. In either event, a good main line "snaking" should solve the problem.

Is the water line open or closed when the ball valve handle is in line with the pipe?

When the handle is in line with the pipe, the valve is open.

Can a toilet be plumbed into the house stench pipe?

No, that is why it is called a vent pipe not a soil line

What is the cost of water line repair from house to main line?

If it's as simple as a single leak or a bit of corroded pipe, it's easy to cut out the damaged part and replace with 1" pex and 2 unions. -Hardest part is finding the leak.

What size water pipe to use in a house?

1/2" pex pipe.

Can you tapped the piping of floor drain to a water closet pipe line?

Yes, be sure to pipe floor drain line properly into water closet piping.

What is the proper pitch for a 3 PVC drain line going from a toilet to the 4 main soil pipe in a house?

1/4" per foot