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You could but it won't last long. It's just cheap paint you know. Call your local pool place and ask them what to use. Marine paint maybe?


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used for making metal sant stain refinish for hard wood floors

Aluminum patio sets last much longer than plastic. They may be a little more expensive but they look better and are also easy to restore and refinish.

There are many different ways to refinish the wrought iron chairs. One of the easiest way to refinish wrought chairs is at the following website (

I need to someone to refinish my hardwood floors. What is the average price of doing so?

You can always use a derusting product, but the finish can be damaged. You may need to repaint and refinish.

go to this link it will show you step by step how to refinish a desk

You need a professional sander in order to refinish wood floors. It's easy to do if you have the right equipment.

Organizations such as Pintrest and Hgtv refinish aging furniture. The prices of these services is very reasonable and the service quality is excellent.

There's a page on DIY Network that explains how to do this:

Refinish cherry wood cabinets is a great home improvement project. This website,, has step-by-step tips on how to refinish cabinets and also recommends many products specific to the different wood types.

You can sand it by using sand paper and let some company which can refinish wood flooring lacquer finish it for you.

If you need to refinish a bathtub, you will probably need some appliance paint. You can get this by ordering it online from Amazon. Their website is

You can find a guide on how to refinish a bathtub on the following site: It is a great resource.

Sand it and then apply a new finish to it.

To refinish a piece of furniture you can sand it down and then apply an even coat of varnish to it. It will seal it nicely and look like it's brand new.

form_title=Paint Refinishing form_header=Refinish the paint in your home with help from professionals! How many rooms do you want to refinish the paint in?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15} What colors do you want to use?=_ What is your budget for the refinishing? =_

Home Improvement with Eric Stromer - 2006 Refinish Old Furniture was released on: USA: 21 August 2008

Plumbers normally do not refinish bathtubs, although in some cases they may. However, to get your bathtub refinished, you would want to find a company that specializes in refinishing/re-glazing bathtubs.

You will need cement and nails to refinish bathtubs contains great videos on how to refinish hard wood floors. Since there is a lot of work that goes into this process, I would take a look at the video to be sure you get all the details into your project!

Yes, you can sand and refinish a bamboo floor much like you would any other wood floor. Bamboo has a very low burn temperatures. Most manufactures recommend professional refinishing because of this.

first remove the od finish. or you can use with chemical liquid to remove it. remove the physical surface of furniture, and than you can use wood putty to make that surface and than refinish the furniture,19912,658527,00.html

Clean the surfaceSandOil, wax, or lacquer to finish.

If one is bent you replace it. If the finish is bad there are companies that refinish wheels.

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