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No, you can't use SimCity 4 mods on SimCity Societies.

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Q: Can you use Sim city 4 mods on Simcity Societies?
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Is there a difference between Simcity Societies Simcity Deluxe Edition and Simcity Limited Edition?

yes sim city societes is a sucky spin off game of sim city sim city deluxe edition is SC4 and Rush hour expansion and sim city and awesome reboot going back to the original sim city formula and limited edition is sim city reboot of pre order sim city societes s formula is placing the building

Which is the best sim city?

Simcity 4 but newly simcity 5 (out February 2013)

How to you you run sim city societies?

i wish i knew

Is Sim city societies for psp?

no only for pc (maybe mac)

What actors and actresses appeared in SimCity - 2013?

The cast of SimCity - 2013 includes: Kathleen Antonia as Sim Erik Braa as Sim Lea Gulino as Sim (Voice) Gavin Hammon as Sim (Voice) Scott Reyns as Dr. Vu Rebecca Schweitzer as Sim (Voice)

Can you play sim city limited edition without internet?

Yes. Since Update 10, Simcity is now available to play offline.

Can you create highways in Sim City Societies?

No, you can only create paved roads and dirt roads.

What does simcity 4 have?

Compared to Old Sim-city's (e.t.c Simcity Nintendo, 2000, 3000) Simcity 4 gives more new Buildings and high quality features due to the old ones and able to do more than others. Compared to Simcity 4 Deluxe (Simcity Deluxe= Simcity 4 & Simcity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack ) Simcity 4 only have in transport roads and one bridge. But in^(Simcity Deluxe...) it has Avenues (Four-Laned Roads), One-way Roads, Streets, and others (available on simtropolis), plus has new U-Drive-It Missions that you can drive cars, vans, garbage trucks, and many more.

How do you download mods onto a Sim city 4 deluxe edition PC game?

First you need to download the mod that you want, from websites such as Simtropolis. Make sure you're downloading mods under SimCity 4. Windows version only: Download file > open file > extract all files > My Desktop > Simcity 4 > Plug-ins > extract again. Note: Mods you download will sometimes come with a "read me" file, just choose one file and extract it if that file is present with the download. Mods will sometimes be messed up or bug filled so avoid the ones which have 3 or 4 stars.

Can you play simcity on windows 8?

I am currently playing Sim City 3000 on my Windows 7 computer, and it installed and plays perfectly, so the answer would be yes!

Is Sim City Societies playable on PS3?

It's a PC game so no it is not. no PC game will work on the PS3

Does sim city societies work with Windows 7?

NO!it doesn't try destinations expansion pack that may work