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Q: Can you use a 9V 600MA to replace a 9V 1A?
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Which uses less power a 9v CD player operating off of a WAGAN 12 v power supply inverter or a 9v CD player operating off a 12-volt-to-9-volt converter plugged to the WAGAN 12v power supply?

Ideally both ways use the same amount of energy. But it is not desirable to operate a 9V CD player at 12V

What is meant by negative voltage and how it creates?

Negative voltage is just a voltage that instead of being positive is negative. If you think of a voltage as a large amount of water in a reservoir, with a pipe connecting it to a basin below, the voltage is the movement of the water from the reservoir to the basin. However, a negative voltage is more like a suction from the basin back up to the reservoir. Anyway, if you connect the black ( - ) lead of a 9V battery to the black lead of another 9V battery, then the connection between the two black wires is at 0V, or Ground, and one of the batteries' leads will be at +9V, and the other will be at -9V. Negative voltages are only really used in complex circuits, such as ones that contain Operational Amplifiers, and in general doesn't matter in hobby and simple electronics.

Can iron be made into a permanent magnet?

take a block of iron and then coil some wire around it, then attatch it to a power source and your iron block will act as a magnet due to the magnetic field produced by the coil. the more coils you have, the stronger the magnet and vice versa. in order to create a strong magnet you'll need to produce around 8 or 9V of electricity, so a standard 9V battery should work fine.

What is the conclusion for report of classic astable multi-vibrator circuit or LED flasher circuit of 9V with 2 transistors?

It is a circuit that function in only two states, on and off...but it will never be stable

Which would provide more energy a 1.5v cell or a 9v battery?

Not enough information - it depends on the cell or battery. Power = voltage x current. Energy = power x time = voltage x current x time. The amount of current each of these can provide, and how long it can provide it, would depend on their corresponding sizes, and constructional details (such as, what materials they are made of). However, in many cases a battery with a larger voltage will also be bigger, and provide more total energy.

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Can you use a 9V 600mA adapter on a 9V 400ma scanner?

You can use any 9v adapter as long as the output amperage is rated higher than the amperage rating of your appliance so yes a 600ma adapter can be used to power a 500ma or 400ma appliance

What adapter has more power the 9v 600ma or the 9v 800ma?

The capacity of the 800 mA adapter is 200 mA larger than the 600 mA adapter.

Can you use a 9v 600Ma adaptor to power a 9v 300Ma appliance?

I think you mean to ask if one can use a 9v 600mA adapter to power a 9v 300mA appliance. Yes, you can do that. A 9v 600mA adapter will deliver 9v at up to 600mA. A mA is one milli amp, or one thousandth of an amp. 300mA is 300 thousandth of an amp, 300/1000 or 0.3 amps. 600mA is 600 thousandth of an amp, 600/1000 or 0.6 amps, and is twice the current of 300mA.

Can you use a 9v-1a power supply when it calls for 9v-2000ma?

Unfortunately no, if the device calls for 2000ma you will need a 2A (amp) power supply to adequately power it.

Is it safe to use a 5v 1200ma router power adapter instead 9v 600ma adapter the original one for a longer period because everything works fine for now?

no .never

Can you use a 9v dc 1000ma adaptor for a device that has 'power input' of 15v dc 800ma?

A: Disregarding the fact of different voltages there is the power to be concerned 9v x 1A = 9W, 15V X .8 = 12W. THE DEVICE WILL BE UNDER POWER.

Can 9V 1A adapter be used for 12V 1A speakers?

No. If it works at all, it will be underpowered, and possibly damage the speakers. To power 12V speakers, you have to have an adapter with EXACTLY 12V (no more, no less), and at least 1A. You could hook up a 12V 4A adapter if you wanted to, your speakers would just only draw 1A of power. Make sure you use a 12V adapter though!!

Can you use a 6V 2amp adapter on a 6V 600mA device?

No. You need to use the exact battery charger for the battery specified by the manufacturer, in order to achieve the correct charge cutoff point. In particular NiCad and similar batteries detect full charge by detecting the knee point in voltage per unit time given a specific charge current. Using the wrong charger could result in overcharge which will damage the battery.

Can you use a 9v 300mA adapter on a 9v 200mA device?

No. The adaptor will overheat.

Can you use 9V 500mA adapter for 9v 700mA 6.3VA device?

yes, if the other adapter is a va

For a device requiring DC 9V 1000mA will a DC adapter output PLUS 5V 3A also work for this device?

No. The device requires a 9V supply capable of delivering at least 1A. You're trying to supply it with a 5V supply. Go buy the right adapter. Just because there's a physical fit, it doesn't mean the part is the correct one. If the 9V supply can supply a little more than 1A (say, 1100 / 1200 mA) then that would be acceptable. If can only supply 900 mA, it may not work correctly.

Can i get 9V to 110V transformer in the market?

Sure. You can go a couple of ways. You can look for a 110v to 9v transformer, if you can find one, or you can get a 110v to 18v center tapped transformer. If you get the second one, when you hook up the 9v side, you connect between one of the ends of the 18v coil and the center tap. Right now you're thinking, "I said a 9v to 110v transformer, not a 110v to 9v." That you did, but transformers don't care about that--they'll step voltage up as readily as they'll step it down. (Back when all we had was tubes to work with, transformers with a 6v winding and a high-voltage winding--300v, 400v, 2500v, whatever--were very common because tubes need a LOT of voltage to work.) There are two things you really should think about here if you're trying to take 9v to 110v. First, if your intention was to get line voltage out of a 9-volt battery, stop right here. Transformers only work with AC voltage, and a battery puts out DC. The other thing is, if you've got 9v AC and you feed it into a transformer that will give 1A at 9V, 0.08A at 110V will come out of the unit. Eight one-hundredths of an amp isn't really enough to do anything with. If you want to get 1A worth of 110v from 9v, you need to feed (assuming perfect efficiency in the transformer, which you will not get) 12.5A at 9v, or 25A at 9v if you have a transformer with a more likely 50 percent efficiency. It's possible to step 9v up to 110v, but it's probably not worth your time to do so.