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On GSM Tracfones, if the phone has been unlocked a Cingular SIM card can be used. If the phone is a CDMA phone, no SIM cards can be used.

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You cant TracFone does not use a Sim card

Yes you can use a sim card in a tracphone

No, it is not possible to use a Tracfone SIM card in a Sidekick phone. Tracfone SIM cards are specifically for the phone purchased and cannot be interchanged with other phones.

Yes if your Razr is from Cingular or unlocked. You can not use a T-Mobile Razor with Cingular prepaid sim card or Globaltravellersim prepaid international sim card unless your phone is unlocked.

only if the card is compatible with the phone some are not

Net10 & Tracfone lock the sims & the phones. So you couldn't even use a net10 or tracfone sim on another one of their phones.

Nope, cause metropcs does not use sim cards but a esn number. Sim cards are usually associated only with GSM phones, and metropcs Verizon and sprint all use CDMA

tmobile usually locks their phones, so you would have to call and get it unlocked. Cingular doesn't usually lock their phones though, so the tmobile card should work in a cingular phone.

No, Net10 & Tracfone lock the sims & the phones, so you can't use a net10 or tracfone sim in another one of their phones.

Virgin Mobile uses CDMA, so their phones do not take SIM cards.

Verizon phones do not work with SIM cards. My Blackberry curve is Verizon, which doesn't use SIM cards but there is a slot for a SIM card so I would imagine you could.

Samsung Tracfones can be unlocked by purchasing a SIM card. Each SIM card comes with a PUK code which will unlock the phone for use.

NEW ANSWER: I have an iPhone with AT&T and previously had a phone that was with Cingular. I have taken the SIM card from both phones and have put them in the Tracfone and can use it to access information about the services from the companies kind of like PC mode but you can't do calls or access the internet. You can't do anything really with the AT&T SIM being it's a smart phone SIM. I had to play with it to try and get it to show up but it did not want and gave system unavailable messages. Best thing to do is stick with Tracfone SIMs. Or if your savvy, program a blank SIM by copying your current SIM or a host of options available on the internet to get you going with a new SIM programed for Tracfone without having to go to a retailer and get one, which is really easy to do so why not just do that. However, if there's a will there is a way, so if you want a way to trick your Tracfone to work using another carrier's SIM, check out the internet on how to do that and get the codes and info. I won't state how here since that's unethical and hey, I'm ethical ahem, but hey, the Internet is a free place to check out and learn from. So have fun. HINT: is a great place to buy SIM copiers, blank SIMS, and everything you'd need if going that route. PRIOR ANSWER: i beleve it has a very small possibilty of working. i have a Motorola tracfone c 261 and if you go to the code entry mode under prepaid and type *#121# it displays "CINGULAR1". it is in amongst the WAP info. this might just mean that you can go to the cingular WAP webpages using tracfones service.

If you are trying to use the T-Mobile phone with your Cingular SIM, and maintain your Cingular service, you will have to call T-Mobile to get a Subsidy Unlock code, and unlock the phone to be used with Cingular's service.

yes you can, all u have to do is call the company and tell them to unlock the phone then it sould work

Use a sim card for what. Be more specific.

Sim Card SwitcharooMost phones that accept a SIM card can be unlocked and used for any service that uses SIM card technology. AT&T and Tmobile phones & SIM cards can be used in this way. However Tracfone and Net10 phones and SIM cards cannot. For AT&T and Tmobile, Prepaid or Contract makes no difference. I use my ATT / Cingular contract service SIM in a T-Mobile Prepaid phone. (unlocked of course). The unlocking bit, depending on the company that makes the phone, can get a little tricky; but if you put some time into searching, you can find the information you need for a small cost or most likely free altogether. I am leaving out info pertaining to technology compatibility as most state and abroad phones are GSM, and you most likely have a GSM SIM card.

As long as the Blackberry phone from T Mobile is already unlocked, then yes, you can use an AT&T SIM card on it, as well as SIM cards from many of the GSM providers worldwide.

A SIM card adaptor will allow you to use a micro SIM in a standard SIM slot.

There are two types of TracFones now, CDMA and GSM. This refers to the type of network used by the phone. And CDMA phone works only on CDMA networks, and same for GSM. GSM phones have SIM cards, CDMA do not (for the purpose of this discussion, anyway). I'm not clear on your reason for asking this question, but that's your answer. A CDMA phone does not have a SIM card. For more on CDMA vs. GSM Tracfones, check out this page: I should also clarify here that if your phone is a GSM phone, it MUST have a SIM card installed to operate. Also, to be used as a Tracfone, a phone must have the Tracfone software installed on it. This means that it must have been purchased as a "Tracfone" model. You can NOT bring a phone from a different service and use it as a Tracfone.

No. Since it is a CDMA phone, it does not use a SIM Card.

Theoretically, yes. The phone;s camera, media player etc shouldn't rely on the SIM card to work. The SIM card only identifies the phone to the network.

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