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Q: Can you use a blow dryer when you put lemon juice in your hair?
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What does lemon juice do to your hair?

Lemon juice bleaches hair.

Does Lemon Juice kill head lice?

I had lice. I put lemon juice in my hair to lighten my hair & I heard that it removed lice. I wet my hair in lemon juice. I blow dried it & repeated. I then washed my hair with cold water & conditioner. Sure enough, I saw dead lice come out. Gross yet effective!

How do you blow dry your hair?

with a hair dryer

How do you highlight your hair with lemon juice?

Put lemon juice in it.

When you dye your hair with lemon juice do you have to stay out in the sun?

Yes, it's the sun that helps with the processing. A hair dryer can be used as well if the weather's overcast.

How do you lighten your hair at home?

Put Lemon juice, or Sun-In in damp hair and then blow dry it, repeat until it gets as light as you want.

What is a professional blow dryer?

I recommend this professional blow dryer which is excellent, it's Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer, I use it and my hair looks great.

If you dye your hair with lemon juice should your hair be wet or dry?

The acidic quality of lemon juice can lighten the hair slightly when exposed to sunlight. Hair should be dry so that it can absorb the lemon juice properly.

What kind of juice lightens your hair?

Lemon juice

Can washing your hair with lemon juice turn it lighter?

yes, you can actually make your hair a couple shades lighter! When you wash your hair with lemon juice. If you do your usual routine and just add in some lemon juice you can have lighter hair!

Can you leave lemon juice in your hair?

Lemon juice is acidic and destroys the protective coating of your hair. Worse that happens is your hair breaks apart

Can you use lemon juice on already dyed hair?

no it depends on what type of lemon juice

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