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Omarion did not blow dry his hair. African-American hair usually does fair well with a blow dryer.

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Q: Did omarion blow-dry his hair
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What they do on a cut and blowdry?

when you go to your salon and ask for a cut and blowdry they litterally just shampoo your hair then cut it into the way you weant it and blowdry it.... simple as.

How can you blowdry hair straight?

You can't blow it completely straight but it will be quite straight with flicky bits. What I do is I blowdry my hair downwards an use a comb to help flatten it. I have quite curly/wavy hair and it does help

How do you get really thin hair to look thick?

Volume! Ask your hairdresser to layer your hair so it's not all one length. Use volumizing shampoo/conditioners. Always blowdry your hair after showering, and blowdry your hair upsidedown.

Did omarion cut his hair a lot?


Who Braid Omarion Hair?

His Mom

Hair color after bleach?

Depending on how much you bleached it. If it was just once you can blowdry your bleached hair and then color it.

What did Omarion's mom do for a living before he was famous?

she did hair

Did Lloyd cut his hair?

no.. after omarion cut his hair he said not to expect him to cut his hair no time soon

How do you get your mohawk to stay up?

3 gallons of gel. What you do is put hairspray in your hair and blowdry it up straight. This holds very well and it is how it has been done for a long long time. You can also use a good holding gel and blowdry it up.

How do you get straight hair without a straightner?

first your hair has to be wet so if its not then go wash it with shampoo and conditioner. then take a round brush and a blowdryer. as you brush through your hair blowdry it at the same time. take the brush and brush from under your hair and when you brush down put the blowdryer on top of the brush so the hair is in between the blow dryer and the brush. so pretty much brush your hair and blowdry it at the same time. put the brush in one hand and the blowdryer in the other. that's as best as i can explain it sorry if it make no sence. i use a sttraighner but that's how i did it before i started using straightners. this is also a way to wave your hair but you have to twirl the brush in your hair if you want it wavy or curly and blowdry it over.

How do you do a quick weave using bonding glue?

just part the hair, measure track, glue on,blowdry until everytin is done:)

How can you style your hair like Justin bieber and do you need to blowdry it?

Yes, Justin does blow dry his hair. HE washes it, then blow dries it for five minutes. Got it? Peace yo!

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