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Q: Can you use a lamp to keep a bird egg warm?
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How do you keep a duck egg warm?

Keep it in a nest box with a lamp made for fowl-egg hatching.

Why parakeet bird sits on the egg?

to keep the egg warm, and to protect it.

How do you keep an egg warm with out braking it?

You keep an egg warm without breaking it by putting it under a lamp that has about the temperature that the egg needs and with that nothing will creak not even it's shell, thank you.

Can you take car of a bird egg?

yes you can if you keep it warm and in a shoe box with blankets to keep it warm

How warm do you keep a bird's egg?

a temperature of 100 degrees F will allow a birds egg to develop

How do you keep a bird egg warm?

With an incubator or with the mother, Keep the temperature at around 75 - 100 degrees

How warm does a baby bird egg have to be?

It must be really hot, you may put the egg under 2 soft pillows, or cover it with a handkerchief and put it under a lamp.

How do you know if a bird egg is dead?

Hi, im in the same situation as you! I found an egg, and put it under a lamp. If you look into the egg, you can kind of see inside it! If you can see anything in there, then i think it is alive!! Good luck!! p.s Try and keep it warm, and turn it every so often!!

How can you keep a chickens egg warm?

Type your answer here... I would probably say you could keep a chicken egg warm by putting it in a box but with some cloth a lamp 10 inches away but im really not sure it will catch

What do you do if your parakeet is going to lay an egg How do you prepare?

first you may want add shred ed paper so your bird can lay and keep its eggs warm in its nest. keep your bird warm and don't disturb them

What 2 objects can keep a chick warm while its inside its egg?

blanket and heat lamp (I recommend a blanket)

Where do empire penguins lay eggs?

Antarctica, the female bird will lay the egg and pass it on to the male bird. He then holds the egg on top of his feet and slouches his belly down on the egg to keep it somewhat warm.

What do you do with your pet birds egg and the mom bird died?

Keep the eggs somewhere warm, supervise them and make sure their covered in the warm place. <(") <- bird face

What do you do if you find a robin egg out of its nest?

Put it under a heat lamp to keep it warm until it hatches, then let it go.

How do you keep a bird egg alive?

Keep it warm and do not let it fall. It is very fragile, so be sure to keep it somewhere where infants or children cannot reach.

What to do if a bird lays eggs but dies?

if there is a chick in the egg, you will need to keep the egg warm until it hatches. i have had this before because the chicken came off the egg and there was still a chick in there

How do you save a birds life when its still an egg?

keep the bird well incubated in a warm correct tempreture .. theres not much you can do apart from taking care of the egg

What happens if a bird doesn't sit on her egg?

the egg has to stay warm and the bird will die without warmth

How do you keep a baby bird egg warm if you cant find a home or a recuse center in time?

put a light over it

How do you keep a pigeon egg alive and warm?

The pigeon sits on the egg to keep it warm and protected from prey.

How do you care for bird egg?

First, make sure it is warm. Then, but it in a glass tank with a light. When it hatches, give it bird food (depends on type of bird) and then either keep it as a pet, or set it free.

What to do if someone broke a egg with a baby bird inside?

then you get a warm towel or sometihng else warm and keep it there until it is lod enough tips: feed it with fly or worms

How do you keep a turtle egg warm?

You keep them warm by putting them in an incubator.

What does mother penguins do after they lay their eggs?

they keep the egg warm and then search for food leaving the father to keep the egg warm.

What temperature do you keep a swan egg .We have two that were left on a nest by the mother?

i need to no the answer also as i have a mute swan egg, this egg was still warm when i found it, i put it in a box with a tea towel and a heat lamp but i need to no what the exact tempertaure needs to be???