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Yes, Look into something called TERI loans.. That's what I used so I could pay off an old school and start at a new one. Good Luck! Apparently right now they arent lending, but I am sure they will start up again soon!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:38:46
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Q: Can you use a student loan to pay off a previous balance owed at a college so you can go back?
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Who can benefit from attending a junior college?

Everyone can benefit from attending a junior college. The student can benefit by saving money and cutting back on needed student loan. Also, the person who is paying for the college benfits from a junior college.

Are congressman's children exempt from paying back student loans?

Yes, they have to pay back college loans.

Do you have to pay back students grants for college?

If a student qualifies for a pell gran they do not have to be paid back. Pell grants are issued based on a student income level. Student loans do have to be paid back starting 6 months after you graduate.

Do you get the money for college in The Game of Life?

No, the money you borrow for college you have to pay back at the end of the game. It is just student loans.

What is the purpose of a private student loan?

a student loan is to help you with your college fees or to move and buy stuff for you new accomadation when you move to a new college you can get a loan over the period your in college and pay back at monthly instalments

What is the difference between assistantship and scholarship?

Assistantship is when a student gets help to pay for college but they have to pay the money back. When a student gets a scholarship to pay for school, they do not have to pay the money back.

Where can you get a college loan that you do not have to pay back until after graduation?


Do you have to pay off the Wells Fargo student loans myself?

Most loans require students to pay back the money as soon as they're out of college and have a paying job. If a parent wants to pay back the loan their student has took out, then the student won't have to pay. However, students are responsible for paying back loans like the Wells Fargo Student Loan.

What is the maximum amount a student should borrow for college?

Whatever you think you should. But be careful, you must start paying student loans soon after you graduate college. Try to research scholarships and grants, things that you do not have to pay back. You do not want to graduate college in so much debt you can't get out. Keep that in mind while taking out student loans.

Well A student loan is financial aid but the money will need to be paid back once you leave college?


When your car is ropossessed will the loan balance be transfered to the IRS?

Usually the only time a balance is taken by the IRS is when it is a federal type debt (ex. student loan, child support, back taxes, etc)

How do you write a letter to the vice president of a college to get back into college?

You can write a letter to the vice president and also to the dean of student affairs and the president. Start out by stating your request, the circumstances why you dropped out, and the reasons they should let you back in.

If an old student loan is not on a credit report and it fell off because of the 10 year rule should it be paid if asked to do so?

If you have an outstanding balance, your student loan never goes away. These loans are federally insured. By contacting the student loan agency and giving your information to them it brings everything back to life because everything will become reinsured. If you have an outstanding balance, your best bet is to call the student loan agency to make payment arrangements and get the nightmare over with. Eventually, they will skip trace and find you. If this is an outstanding balance that fell off the credit report, the student loan company can put liens on any property you owe, garnish paychecks from both you and your spouse (if able). Also, this is more of a moral question. If you wanted to go back to school, this would definitely come back up because there is a national student database you are in.

How can you get money to support yourself while going to college?

Student Loans are money that is given to you Specifically for college students. of course you have to pay it back but it helps allot in the long run.

How long do you pay for college after 21?

It typically does not depend on age. However, most students will spend 10 years paying back student loans. Undergraduate students will normally begin paying back student loans 6 months after they graduate.

A college student dependent made 5000 in 2008 TurboTax says he will get back all tax he paid is this correct?

Sounds about right.

What does it mean to tare the balance in biology?

To tare the balance is when, for example, you place a beaker on the balance and then click on the tear button which puts the balance back to zero. This putting the balance back to zero is called "tareing the balance".

Reference back to a previous event in the chronology of a story?

Reference back to a previous event in the chronology of a story?

Can you give me sentence with the word previous?

I went back to the previous page.

Where might one obtain free money for college?

A college student can locate free money for college tuition a few ways. Pell grants are funds that don't have to be paid back, and a student can fill out an application to see if they would qualify for these funds. Scholarships can be awarded for many different reasons such as good grades or excellent athletic abilities.

What is a credit card perk A. college points B. miles C. balance transfer D . cash back?

A credit card perk is cash back.

If you got an student loan and your account have no balance do you get the money back?

Depending on your school's financial aid policy/ies, if you owe no money on your student account for tuition, fees, housing, etc., then you will probably receive whatever money is left over to use on school-related expenses. So for example, your student account has a 0$ account balance; your student loan you've qualified for is $3,500. You will receive the entire amount of $3,500 to use on buying books, a laptop, supplies, and such things of that variety.

Do you have to pay back FAFSA money if not used for school?

If a student accepts what's called a stipend check (the amount of excess Stafford Loan money sent to the student once college expenses have been deducted) then it does count as part of the student loan. Students are responsible for paying back the entire student loan plus interest whether it was spent on educational expenses or not. It is wise to return stipend checks and decrease the amount of student loans you take out.

If you file chapter 7 bankruptcy does that eliminate paying back the parent plus college loan?

Student loans are exempt from bankruptcy as are IRS debts

What unusual kindness does the college student show griffin in black like me?

He walked Griffin to a theater 2 miles away from his home and offered to walk him back. When Griffin offered to buy him a ticket and asked the student to join him the student refused and said he had to get back to his studies. But he said he would be glad to pick up Griffin after the film. Grifffin was stupified.