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Q: Can you use alcohol prep pads to clean the plastic lenses of your eye glasses?
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Is it ok to use rubbing alcohol to clean plastic lenses for eye glasses?

Yes alcohol is fine, but do not use Acetone as it will eat through the plastic

Can you use Windex to clean prescription eye glasses?

You could, but far better is using mild soapy water then rinsed and patted dry. Avoid rubbing the lenses with cloth or tissue to avoid scratching the lenses, especially the lighter weight plastic lenses these days.

How do you clean laptop screen?

You can clean a laptop screen easily with eyeglass wipes. These alcohol wipes are designed to be used on delicate lenses and screens.

Can you use alcohol wipes to clean camera lenses?

It would depend on the lens. Higher quality lenses are coated with a substance to help eliminate distortion and light polution. If you look at the lenses glass and you see a multi-coloured reflection on the glass, then it is probably coated. Alcohol should not be used on these lenses. It would be better to use a camera lens specific cleaning cloth to clean them.

How do you clean the cloudy plastic lenses of your eyeglasses?

mix vinigar and water and scrub it onto the lense, they dry with a paper towel

Is it illegal for someone who is not a licensed professional to clean a pair of prescription glasses if so could you please state the law?

No. Anyone can clean a pair of prescription glasses, whether it's their own glassess or someone else's. Just remember to never use any kind of paper product such as tissue or paper towels when cleaning glasses with plastic lenses. Even though the tissues and paper towels feel soft, they are still made from wood (as are all paper products), and therefore still have fibers in them that can scratch the lenses. Always use soft fabric such as soft cotton or special cloths made for cleaning eye glasses.

What are gas permeable contact lenses?

GP contacts are made of a firm, durable plastic that transmits oxygen. GP contact lenses clean and disinfect easily, don't dehydrate, are easier to handle, and last longer than soft lenses.

What do you use to clean microscope lenses?

you clean it with lens paper.

Give you at least 5 special precautions in handling microscope?

Always carry the microscope by putting one hand under the shoe-shaped base and grasping the curved stand that supports the tube and its lenses with the other hand. Everything should be in working order, clean and oil free of dust. If you have a slide with a prepared sample, place it on the stage of the microscope. To maintain the good condition of your microscope, first and foremost guard it from dust. Cover the microscope with a plastic hood when you are not using the instrument and always store it in its case. Clean the microscope carefully to avoid the scratch in the lenses. If some of the lenses have fingerprints, clean them either with lens paper or with some alcohol and a cotton swab. Rinse dirty slides and cover glasses in liquid detergent and warm water.

How should you clean the lenses of a microscope?


How do you clean contact lenses?

Essentially you'll clean the lens by rinsing it thoroughly with the appropriate contact lens solution. Check the related links area for a guide to cleaning your contact lenses which includes steps on how to clean the lenses, what solutions to use, and more.

How do you clean duct tape adhesive off plastic?

apply some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or use a pre soaked alcohol pad and rub on the sticky surface.

How do you clean drinking glasses?


What is the best way to clean the lenses on my sunglasses?

To clean the lenses on your sunglasses you should wash them with warm water and mild soap and dry them with a non-abrasive cloth.

When should clean the lenses of a microscope?

That is completely up to you, but at least clean it before you use it.

How do you clean the outside of a headlight on a 1998 Chevy truck?

Your local auto parts store can sell you a kit to restore the plastic lenses of your headlights. Just be patient and follow directions.

Will rubbing alcohol clean eye glasses?

F#ck ya it will...use a solution of 3 parts rubbing alcohol to one part water in a spray bottle and you have a kick a$$ eye glass cleaning solution. Just be sure to rinse your glasses under warm water before using the solution and buff with a lens cloth. Your $h1t will be clear as day.

How can you clean Vaseline off spectacles lenses?

by cleaning the specs

How do you clean front headlight coveras it relates to a vw 2001 passat?

Your local auto parts store should have a kit available to restore the clear plastic lenses over your headlamps.

What is the best way to clean car front plastic lights lens?

Check with your local auto parts store, they have kits available that help you restore the faded/cloudy headlight lenses.

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 2003 4Runner to clean the plastic covering on the gauges?

There's a product made by Maguire's called Plastix that will remove any scratches on the instrument panel lenses. I use it on my 03 Limited 4runner, including the headlight and tailight lenses. Cheers,

How do you clean game disks?

if you can find one use the cloth you get with glasses to clean the disk.

How do you clean your glasses?

Use warm water and soap and then wipe off with a clean rag

Is it safe to clean contact lenses in the dishwasher?

You must wash your contact lenses in approved cleaning solution. If you want to lose your contact lenses forever, you can put them in the dishwasher and try it out.

What should I use to clean my body jewelry?

Clean your jewelry with isopropyl alcohol, or at least 80% cleaning alcohol if you have that.