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Yes you can, the Direction Card can be used anywhere that accepts SNAP benifits.

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Q: Can you use an Ohio direction card in South Carolina?
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Can you use your Ohio Direction card at Sam's?

Yes you can

Can you buy diapers with the Ohio direction card?

Get a job

How can you apply for Ohio direction card?

The Ohio EBT Card, known as the Ohio Direction Card, is like a bank debit card and holds the food assistance benefits assigned to you each month. Once your benefits are deposited into your account, you can begin using them with your Ohio Direction Card. You use the same card every month; you do not need to get a new one. Apply at adult and family services in Ohio I would think!

Can you use your Ohio direction ebt card in kissimmee Florida?

Yes you can! I moved from Cincinnati to Kissimmee and used my Ohio Direction card while waiting to transfer to Florida.

Is the Ohio direction card the same as an EBT card?

Yes. Its just a different name.

What can you buy with the Ohio direction card?

You CANNOT use the Ohio Direction Card to buy:• Alcoholic drinks.• Cigarettes and tobacco products.• Vitamins.• Medicines.• Pet food.• Paper goods.

Can you use your PA EBT card in South Carolina?

You should be able to. I just moved from South Carolina back to PA and I was able to use my ebt card here.

Can people in Ohio use the ebt card in North Carolina?

According to my research : Definately YES.

Why are wages garnished in South Carolina?

Wages cannot be garnished for credit card debt in South Carolina. They can be garnished for unpaid taxes and child support.

How do you print out your monthly amount you receive on your Ohio Direction Card?

In order to print out the monthly amount you receive on your Ohio Direction Card you will need to go to their website. From there you can log in and access the amount of money you have available to use. You can print off a screenshot for your records.

If a constable leaves a business card on you door do you have to contact them?

in south carolina you better.

Can you use a Ohio direction card in another state on a visit?

No you cannot use ANY benefits card from any state in another state

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