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They accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover for sure.


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No. Go to Pay Pal and open an account with them. After you do that you can buy things with a Pal Pal charge account, your debit card, or an E check. This is the best way to pay for items from Ebay.

To get verified on Pay Pal you need to ether to have a bank debit or card card account. This is use so you can withdraw or deposit money into and out of your pay pal account. When you sign up they send you odd amount of cent to your bank debit or card card account that take less 6 to 8 business days once you get that amount deposit to your account than you have to go back to pay pal and give them the each amount that was deposit in there well be 2 amounts.

A prepaid Visa debit card or Mastercard are accepted by Paypal. "You can transfer money from your PayPal account to your debit card for free. Your money will be available on your debit card in 2 to 3 business days." - content provided by (See link below for additional details)

no, i didn't have to use my credit card.

The alternative to PayPal is Skrill that accepts debit cards without requiring a merchant account or a registered business.

you wont be able to buy because they validate the card before you can download... if youre paying thru your pay pal account they might overdraft your account

You don't have to enter your credit card when setting up an account on Paypal. Paypal requires your credit card information if you need your account verified.

no and your credit card must match the account if you do not use a network card

To buy on e-bay you need a Pay Pal account I do believe you need a credit card to register on Pay Pal. You do not have to use it you can pay direct from your banking account. You need to register your banking account too and Pay Pal will verify this ( it takes about 3-4 days if you have on line banking) or you must wait until your next bank statement (they deposit small amounts in the account) and they ask you you to enter it in a field. But you can use your credit card to pay for something at any time.

The best way to pay for goods online is to have a credit card. You can pay most of your online purchases with a credit card. Some sellers prefer not to accept credit card payments because credit card companies charge a fee for seller transactions. You can also use online banking, through your bank account. You have to have an established account that allows wire transfers or direct debit online. The buyer generally pays a fee for wire transfers. Another way to pay for goods online is to purchase a pay-pal account. When you use the pay-pal, the purchases are charged to your credit card or your bank. The advantage of pay-pal it that the fees are smaller than credit card fees.

No YOu cannot use a electronic use only card to sign up for Pay pal. pay pal will regard the no. as a false no. or invalid in other words. Too bad for you I guess..

why am i not able to open a pay pal account in Kenya. why is it that its rejecting my city/state.

No, it's totally free. It will take a credit card or a Pay-Pal account to purchase items, though.

Yes, a person can shop on line with out a credit card. Pay pal can be used and once I wired money to an account to pay for Neil Diamond tickets.

Pay pal offers security for your money, and great customer service. Also, you don't have to give anyone your credit card. A lot of online merchants accept pay pal just as easy as a credit card. Also, it makes shopping on eBay easier.

call paypal right away and tell them what happened so they can suspend the account and look into it further

Bills can be paid online using a credit or debit card. An increasing number of companies are now accepting online "payment wallets" such as Pay Pal or Liberty Pay.

Use the money in an amazon gift card and sell it in eBay accepting only paypal from the buyer. Good luck.

No not at all,but you might need a credit card on file.

paypal is account that you can buy stuff from online..

PayPal is an online service that safely allows you to purchase something online without having to give everyone your credit card information. PayPal acts as an intermediary for buying or selling. You set up an account, which will be linked to your credit card or bank account. When you buy something and the seller accept PayPal, the service pays for the item, withdrawals the amount and deposits it into the other person's account, and they will not know your bank account or credit card number.

Yes, and no. You cannot send money to Western Union from within your paypal account as Western Union does not accept paypal. This is actually called aggregation which technically may, or may not be legal depending on how the channels are organized because it can easily facilitate money laundering. Aside from that, if you have a paypal debit card then you can send money to Western Union since it acts like an actual credit card.

Not necessarily, you can get an account for free but must fund it to buy stuff from some one else using their pay pal. Also you may have to pay if you upgrade you account to have better benefits. However you may not need this upgrade.

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