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Yes, cupcakes can be made with a cake mix.

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2012-07-26 18:19:31
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Where can one purchase piping bags for cake decorating

Can baking paper be used as piping bags in cake decoration

I need the top of a cake round for a treasure chest cake. How do i add extra cake on to make the top look rounded

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Q: Can you use cake mix as cupcake mix?
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Where to buy cup cake mix?

cupcake mix is just cake mix, except for instead of putting it in a cake pan you put it in a cupcake pan.

What do you use to?

I usually use it to whisk eggs or to mix cake and cupcake batter

How many mini cupcake does a cake mix make?

well if you use Betty cake mix you can make 24 mini cupcakes

What do you use whisk to do?

I usually use it to whisk eggs or to mix cake and cupcake batter

Is there cupcake mix?

I think so but most people use cake mix. If you want to avoid "mixes" you can use a cake mix substitute like the one in the link below:

How do you make just one cupcAKE?

If you want to make just 1 cupcake, take a measurement of about 1 cup of the cake mix and add all of your other ingredients . Try to use Betty Crocker cake mix and once you get as much cake mix to make your special cupcake, simply just place it back in your food cabinet. It will stay fresh and you can use it when ever you want however you want!!Thx

How do you make the very dark vanilla cake on the cupcake game on moshi monsters?

To get a dark cake on the Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game, add the cocoa to the mix.

How can you make Cake in a mug with just cake mix and water?

You can make a cupcake!!!! LOL, its a joke

Can girls gourmet cupcake mix bake a cake in an easy bake oven?


Can you use Cupcake batter for cake?

Yes, and cake batter for cupcakes as well.

Need a cake or cupcake recipe and it needs to be simple and no chocolate?

well there is the traditional vanilla cake or cupcake n u can use vanilla icing

How does eggs effect cupcake?

eggs usually add flavor and moisture to cake mix. its also easier for a cake to cook with eggs in it and eggs hold the cake together.

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