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Q: Can you use engine oil as automatic transmission oil?
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Which engine oil and transmission oil does a cavalier 1998 use?

5w30 for engine oil. Dexron 3 for transmission fluid on an automatic.

Can you use an automatic transmission fluid to clean engine?

NO!!!! do not do this, oil is oil, transmission fluid is transmission fluid, and antifreeze is antifreeze, do not mix any of these, it can perminately damage your engine.

Do you top up engine oil in a automatic car?

Yes you use engine oil in all cars regardless of transmission.

Use automatic transmission oil as brake fluid?


What is correct oil for 1986 Honda fourtrax 250?

Use Automatic Transmission/Engine Oil for ATV's ONLY! Find it at your local ATV Shop.

Is there transmission oil for a super beetle?

Your transmission does use lube oil. It takes a thicker oil like 75w90 or 90w140 and NOT automatic transmission fluid.

Can you put car transmission oil in your ATV?

Automatic transmission oil is basically hydraulic oil for use in pumps. It is NOT recommended for use in any manual style transmission. All automatic transmissions in ATVs are a CVT type, and use no fluids. You should buy the proper gear oil for your ATV transmission as instructed in the owners manual.

What transmission oil do you use in a Honda cr125?

You can use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) or get tranny fluid from the Honda dealer.

What is an automatic tranny?

A transmission that does not use a clutch and pressure plate to disconnect from the engine.

What type of gear oil do you use in a 1996 Pontiac sunfire 2.4L manual transmission?

automatic oil dexton lll automatic oil dexton lll

Can you use transmission fluid to dissolve engine sludge?

I went to Lincoln Tech Auto school and the Professor in my Automatic Transmissions class told me the best thing to do, to clean out your engine is to put Automatic Transmission fluid in it and run it over the weekend and then change it out with regular motor oil.

Can you use heavy duty motor oil in a transmission?

No. HD motor oil is designed to lubricate engine internal components and in most cases contains detergents that help keep the engine clean. If it were a manual transmission and you had to add oil in an emergency situation to get to a repair shop, yes HD motor oil could work. If it is an automatic transmission, NO!!! This would destroy the transmission. Jim

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