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Yes, but it smokes and doesn't light as easily. Yes. Don't use very much (About a teaspoon full) any more than this and you might run into some trouble. You'll get a very hot flame, and quite a bit of black smoke which makes anything it touches sooty and black, not recommended for smokers (contaminates your smoke a bit) but ok for campers and BBQ people (Australians).

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Q: Can you use gasoline in a Zippo?
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Do zippo lighters use butane?

Some Zippo lighters use butane, others use naptha

Can wd-40 refill a zippo lighter?

no but turpentine, mineral spirits, kerosene, or gasoline can

Can you use zippo lighter fluid in the visol phantom lighter?

You can't use zippo lighter fluid in the visol phantom lighter as it requires butane. Zippo fluid is mostly naphtha.

Can you use paraffin in your zippo?

Absolutely not. Try to use only Zippo lighter fluid in a zippo lighter. Ronson lighter fluid will work too if that's all you have.

Can an all purpose lighter fluid be used in zippo lighter?

Yes, you can use all purpose lighter fluid in a Zippo, however, Zippo Inc. does not recommend it.

How do you convince your parents to get a zippo lighter not to use for smoking?

You can't. That is the only reason for you to have a Zippo. If they let you carry a Zippo to school, they need to have their heads drilled for simples.

Is putting gasoline in a zippo instead of naptha actually very dangerous?

Yes! The gasoline itself is not as flamable as its fumes, whereas naptha is most flamable in a liquid state. Please do not attempt this!!!

Does butane gas work in a zippo?

No. Butane is a pressurized gas. Zippo lighters use liquid fuel, or kerosene.

Can you use diesel in a zippo?

No, you can't. Diesel has much too high a flash point and won't ignite in a Zippo.

Can you use gas to fill a a zippo?

You can, but its not advised. Gasoline is more volatile (and therefore more dangerous) than lighter fluid, though how much more dangerous is debateable. Just proceede with caution.

How often do you have to replace the flint in a Zippo?

as needed, whenever it will not spark any more. Most people that use a Zippo will put spare flints under the cotton pad in the Zippo bottom.

Can you use regular lighter fluid in a zippo?

Yes , although the the Zippo brand will burn cleaner than other brands .

Could you use alcohol as a substitute to zippo lighter fluid?

No. Zippo fluid is made out of naphtha, which they sell at hardware stores.

Can you use zippo lighter fluid in butane lighters?


Can you use charcoal lighter fluid for a zippo?

Absolutely not, you should only use Zippo Lighter fluid. If you're in a pinch, Ronson lighter fluid works too.

Can you use Ronsonol Lighter Fluid in a Zippo Hand Warmer?

Es ronsons is zippo brand to so yes it works great

Can you use tiki torch fuel in a Zippo?

no coz, 1. how r u going to get it in and im pretty sure tiki torch fuel and zippo fuel are different so stick to ths safe side and use zippo brand lighter fuel

Can you use anything else to fuel a zippo?

yes, but not recommended!

Can you use normal lighter fluid in a zippo?

Use can use any naptha lighter fluid in a Zippo. This may not be what you would identify as "normal," however; the more modern Bic lighter and many others use butane. Butane absolutely won't work in a Zippo. I'm not sure what would happen, but it could be anywhere from not working at all to a fiery explosion.

Can you use normal fluid in a Zippo lighter?

Yes. Any recognized brand of naptha based lighter fluid will work nicely in a Zippo lighter.

Can you put lighter fluid in a zippo?

Yes, this is exactly what it is made for. Use Zippo Lighter fluid preferably but Ronson lighter fluid will also work.

What is zippo lighter fluid made of?

Zippo Lighter Fluid use to be made of Synthetic Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon. It is now made of Light Petroleum Distillate.

Where zippo repaired?

address for zippo repair

What is zippo lighter fluid?

Zippo lighter fluid is standard lighter fluid, made by Zippo Inc. that is specifically designed to light Zippo Lighters.

What should you use to fuel a Zippo?

Lighter fluid. Visit link