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The only difference between "road" diesel and "off-road" diesel is a dye used to tell them apart, chemically they're the same. It's not legal to use "off-road" diesel for road vehicles because road taxes have not been paid on it. Yes the off-road(RED) diesel will work in your truck. Here in California if you are caught running it on the highway ,the first offense is $10,000.00 fine. Keep in mind that off road fuel also does not have some of the additives you would get from a branded fuel at a station. I would add some to keep your injectors and other parts clean and working properly.

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Q: Can you use off road diesel in your 2001 Ford F-350?
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Dodge or Ford Diesel or gas for off road and mud riding Interior quality dependability and durability Which will take the roughness of off road best?

Ford Diesel is best for off road and mud riding given its interior quality, dependability and durability as compared to the Dodge Diesel.

Is it safe to put off road diesel fuel in a 2004 ford?

No it's illegal

I have a 1988 Ford F350 with a 7.3 non turbo idi diesel engine. It died driving down the road. It cranks fine with good speed but will not start. I have no fuel at the injectors.?

Your fuel shut off selinoil on the pump is not opening take the pin out..

Does off road diesel smoke more than regular diesel?

Off road diesel is dyed but otherwise the same as highway diesel. The difference is in the tax. Highway diesel has a road tax on it

What is the Weight of off road diesel?

What is the weight of off-road diesel

Was told yo use road diesel in hotsy power washer not off road fuel?

Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for this one. On-road diesel is recommended for use in diesel motors in general. Remember also that on-road diesel used for purposes for which the use of off-road diesel would be legal is non-taxable, which, in the case of an on-road diesel fuel purchase, will be translated into a tax refund.

Does on road diesel weigh more than off road diesel fuel?

No. The only difference is a red dye added to off-road diesel to denote non-taxable use.

Will off road diesel hurt 6liter ford diesel?

The Navistar 6.0 is junk to begin with, so I wouldn't be too worried about that. As for off-road fuel, it won't hurt the engine, per se, as the 6.0 was manufactured prior to EPA2010 regs, but it is illegal to use red dye diesel in on-highway applications.

Diesel for road vehicles is also called what in the UK?

Diesel for road vehicles is known as DERV (Fuel for Diesel Engined Road Vehicles) or ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel which has a reduced sulphur content) and is white in colour.

What is the difference between off road diesel and highway diesel?

Off-road diesel is #1 low sulfur diesel, and is non-taxable use. Highway diesel is #2 ultra low sulfur diesel, and is taxable use.

Can you put red diesel on your Ford F-250?

In the UK red diesel is for agricultural, marine and plant equipment and it is illegal to use it for road vehicles, except under very strict conditions.

Does off road diesel cause fuel injection problems in trucks?

Since 2007 most diesel pumped at any station in the USA or Canada is ULSD, regardless if it's on-road (clear) diesel, or off-road (dyed) diesel. The only difference is the fuel is that by using it as off road the taxes are not the same and it is cheaper. Dyed diesel will not affect your engine.

Can you run off-road diesel in a 7.3L F250?

It is capable as long as it is off road use only. The off road diesel contains a red dye that stains the fuel filter, so if you're caught on road with red dyed filters or a tank full of red diesel you may get in trouble with law enforcement. Off road diesel does not have road taxes added to the cost.

Can you put off road diesel in a 2011 VW diesel?

You don't want to. Not only will it eventually have bad effects on your motor, but it's also illegal to use off-road diesel in a highway diesel motor.

Can you put off road diesel with diesel?

In theory off road diesel is the same as that you would buy from the filling station although it may not be as pure or contain the engine preserving additives that the major fuel companies add to the diesel you buy at the filling station. In many countries the duty paid on Road fuel is Higher than that of off road diesel and as a result you could be breaking the law if driving a vehicle on public roads that is being fueled with off road Diesel.

Can you use off road diesel in 2011 dodge cummins?

Aside from being illegal, off-road diesel will plug your DPF.

Which is better Ford or jeep?

When it comes to off-road, definanately the Jeep would be better. If Jeep made a truck using Ford quality parts and a Cummins diesel, now that would be a great truck.

What happens when you put truck diesel instead of car diesel?

do you mean off road diesel insted of regular diesel? because there is no car and truck diesel. nothing will happen if you put off road diesel in your car, unless its under warranty and then you take it in and they see red diesel then bye bye warranty or if you get pulled over and a state trooper just so happens to have the kit to check it. Then you get a hefty fine since off road diesel has no tax on it. Being that it is supposed to be used off road like in bobcats or back hoes or what not. truck diesel costs 8 cents more because they have to pay road tax, but its the same fuel, on-hiway stuff.

What type of fuel is derve?

It is Diesel. The letters represent Diesel Engine Road Vehicle

Can you use off road diesel in your furnace?


How does diesel fuel no 1 and no 2 relate to off road diesel I assume 2 is off road Is ths correct?

#2 diesel is regular diesel fuel. they run #2 diesel year round in the south. in northern states the run a blend of #1 and #2 diesel. #1 diesel is more like kerosene while #2 diesel is like home heating oil

What is derv?

A short version of the word diesel. Also stands for. Diesel engined road vehicle.

Can off road diesel hurt a duramax?

Off-road diesel is illeagal to run on the highway.It is not very clean and can cause sever problems.I would not recomend it.

What is the difference between marine diesel and highway vehicle diesel?

It depends. Legally, marine diesel is considered an off-road diesel. This means two things: it is permitted to have a higher sulfur content (although in practice, high-sulfur diesel is becoming less common, so chemically it may be the same); and secondly, marine diesel must contain red dye. The reason for this is you do not have to pay road-use tax on off road or marine diesel. It is illegal to run off-road diesel in a vehicle on the highway. If you were suspected of doing this, your fuel filter would provide tell-tale evidence because it filters out the dye.

Is it safe to put off road diesel fuel in a tractor?

yes,it is safe to put off road diesel fuel not only in tractor but also in other vehicles