Can you use old antena with converter box to get HD on your anolog tv?

For most people, their old antenna will work just fine.

Don't let the people at the electronics store fool you, there is no such thing as an "HD antenna." There is nothing special that needs to be done to an antenna to receive HD signals. In fact, many of the antennas that are being marketed as "HD antennas" are inferior UHF-only antennas that receive a smaller set of signals than your old antenna.

However, some people who were barely receiving an analog signal may need to buy a better antenna. Also, if the location of the digital transmitter has changed or the signal strength of the TV station has changed, you may need to re-aim or replace your old antenna.

Simply plug the old antenna into the converter box and then plug the converter box into your old TV where the antenna used to go and you will be fine.

The converter box will tune in a digital station (some digital stations are HD, some are not) and convert the digital signal into an old-fashioned analog standard definition signal and feed it into your old analog TV.

You will not be able to watch shows in HD on your old analog TV, but you will be able to watch a version of the HD broadcast that has been converted into Standard Definition (SD) for you. You will be able to watch all of the digital stations including the HD ones but you will see them in Standard Definition. Standard Definition is 480i. Digital to Analog converter boxes receive all tv transmissions of 1080P , 1080i , 720P , 480P , 480i and coverts them ALL to 480i to watch on a standard definition NTSC Analog TV.