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No sand filters need to use the exact type of sand required if you do not use this sand one of two things will happen, the first thing that could occur would be you used larger grit sand, this would affect your filtration and possibly cause damage to your laterals or sand bed, if you used smaller sand you would have the problem of your sand clogging your laterals and it sand bed, or worse completely exiting the filter and ending up on the bottom of your pool. Regardless entirely unadvisable.

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Is Silica in silicon?

The chemical compound silica is an oxide of silicon .In other words; silicon is in silica.

What has the author Helen Harry Hayward written?

Helen Harry Hayward has written: 'The other foot'

How do you prepare a fish tank filter?

If you have a power filter it should come with the required filter media. Firstly follow the directions on how to position the filter and where to place the media. If the aquarium is a planted one there is no need to do much other than turn it on because the plants will have some good aerobic bacteria that will end up lodged in the filter media where you want it. If the tank is a bare tank you will need to cycle the filter either by adding some old but freshly used filter media or purchasing some filter cycling bacteria at a pet shop. There is another more complicated method using Ammonia but I won't go into that here. If the filter is air as opposed to power driven, you can use whatever filter media is recommended by the pet shop and use the above techniques to cycle it.

What is the difference between a oil filter and fuel filter?

One filters lubricating oil while the other filters fuel. The filtering media would be of a different type to filter out different contaminants

How do you know when sand needs replacing in pool filter?

When the sand feels really smooth. Filter sand or Silica #20 grade pool sand is sharp sand. The other is that it will start to clump together as it starts to round off.

Is silica gel poisonous?

Yes Silica Gel is Poisonous if Silica gel is Toxic because silica gel is made from Sodium Silicate and including some other acidic chemicals also.

What are some of the best brands of jacuzzi filter pool cartridges?

Some of the most popular jacuzzi filter cartridges seem to be Unicel, Pleatco , Filbur Triclops and Hayward. You also find other brands at these links: AND

Why is silica gel not edible?

Silica gel is not edible because it is hard and tough. It also has other chemicals added to it that should not be eaten. The silica gel itself is not toxic.

Types of pool filters?

The sand filter This type of filter uses sand or other sand like media to run the water through. The cartridge filter This uses a fine membrane through which the water is run. The de filter this is a cartridge filter where the membrane is coated with dietamatious earth making it a very effective filter.

What is a silica compound?

Silica IS a compound - silicon dioxide. Perhaps you mean silicates? silicones? other silicon compounds?

What is a filter media?

A media filter is a type of filter utilizing a bed of sand, crushed granite or other material to filter water for drinking, swimming pools, aquaculture, irrigation, and other applications.One design brings the water in the top of a container through a "header" which distributes the water evenly. The filter "media" start with fine sand on the top and then graduatingly coarser sand in a number of layers followed by gravel on the bottom, in gradually larger sizes. The top sand physically removes particles from the water. The job of the subsequent layers is to support the finer layer above and provide efficient drainage. (This answer is from wikipedia)

What is silica dust?

Crystalline silica is a basic component of soil, sand, granite, and many other minerals. Quartz is the most common form of crystalline silica. Cristobalite and tridymite are two other forms of crystalline silica. All three forms may become respirable size particles when workers chip, cut, drill, or grind objects that contain crystalline silica.

Will iron rust in silica?

Iron does have a chance to rust in a silica solution, but it is more difficult than in any other solution. Silica helps to keep the particles of rust from attaching to the iron.

What health hazards can come from mica and silica?

The greatest hazard from crystalline silica (which is found in mica, among other materials) is a disease known as silicosis, caused by inhaling particles of silica.

Is sand also called silica?

No. Generally, sand is mostly made of silica, but sand varies somewhat but it does vary in composition. Furthermore, silica is found in a lot of materials other than sand.

Where do you get sand?

You can get swimming pool filter sand or a number of other filter media that can be used instead of sand from most pool shops. You can also get sand from under above ground pools from a builders supply or nursery.

Can you download other media to iTunes?

Define other media?

Why the silica cement equipped with mold able?

Silica cement is a refractory mortar that is suitable for laying silica brick. It is equipped with an AX moldable to make it easily bond to itself and other fibrous insulations.

Why is MY pool filter blowing dirt into the pool when I vacuum it?

Broken back wash valve part in a sand filter. Replace valve assy. Torn or damaged grids in a D. E. filter. Remove, clean and replace in the latter. Broken latterals in a sand filter - remove and replace. Unfortunately with a sand filter you have to remove all the sand first. Be sure that when you replace the #20 silica sand - you cover the stand pipe in the center of the filter other wise you are going to get a lot of sand blosing back to the pool for a while.kk

Why is silica-rich magma explosive?

silica is a rich compound consisting of silicon and oxygen and tends to be thicker and is more resistant to flow. other lava with less silica flows easily so the amount of water vapor and other gases trapped in lava influences how lava erupts.

What allows you to transfer media from your computer to other media devices?

A digital media adapter.

Why silica gel acts as catalyst?

Because of the following reasons : 1- The big surface area of the silica gel (up to 800 square meter for one gram) . 2- Silica gel ability to adsorb many other substances & compound which them self may acts as catalyst . 3 - The high thermal ,chemical & deformation resistance of silica gel . 4-The existance of the active OH groups which can directly make bond to other chemical particles ,or displaced by other chemical groups or the positive H ion displaced with other active ions . 5- Silica gel undergoes reverse reactions simply .

What metal or metals are used in making tubes for toothpaste and other such things?


How is quartz different from other silicate minerals?

Quartz is formed from pure silica.

What is the rock that has high silica and light colored other than granite?


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