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No, Because secondary takes more time as compared to primary. primary takes less time as compared to secondary.

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Primary memory vs Secondary memory Processor access the primary memory in a random fashion. Unlike primary memory, secondary memory is not directly accessed through CPU. The accessing of the primary memory through CPU is done by making use of address and data buses, whereas input/ output channels are used to access the secondary memory. The primary memory is embedded with two types of memory technologies; they are the RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). The secondary memory is accessible in the form of Mass storage devices such as hard disk, memory chips, Pen drive, floppy disk storage media, CD and DVD. Primary memory is volatile in nature, while secondary memory is non volatile. The information that is stored in the primary memory cannot be retained when the power is turned off. In case of secondary memory, the information can be retrieved even if the power is turned off because the data will not be destructed until and unless the user erases it. When the data processing speed is compared between the primary and secondary memory, the primary memory is much faster than the secondary memory. In the cost perspective, the primary memory is costlier than the secondary memory devices. Because of this reasons most of the computer users install smaller primary memory and larger secondary memory. As the secondary memory is permanent, all the files and programs are stored in the secondary memory most and as the primary memory interacts very fast with the micro processor, when the computer needs to access the files that are stored in the secondary memory, then such files are first loaded into the primary memory and then accessed by the computer.

Secondary Storage in a computer is memory device other than primary memory like disk ,floopy, usb ports etc. they are used to store data for future use.

memory is a place in computer used to store data, instruction and information. Computer have primary memory that is not used to store bulk data, so we used storage devices like hard disk, floppy disk, compact disk (CD), digital versatile disk (DVD) etc. which are called secondary memory. we use secondary memory to store bulk data permanently.

Secondary memory, also called auxiliary memory or mass storage, consists of devices not directly accessible by the CPU. Hard drives, floppy disks, tapes, and optical disks are widely used for secondary storage. The input and output of these devices is much slower than for the semiconductor devices that provide the computer's primary memory. Although access times (i.e., the time to read or write information) are slow as compared to that of primary memory, secondary memory devices have important features that are unmatched by primary memory. First, most secondary storage devices are capable of containing much more information than is feasible for primary memory (hence the use of the term "mass storage" as a synonym for secondary memory). A second, and essential, feature of secondary memory is that it is non-volatile. This means that data is stored with or without electrical power being supplied to the device, as opposed to RAM, which can retain its data only so long as electrical power is present.

Memory refers to the physical devices used to store programs (sequences of instructions) or data (e.g. program state information) on a temporary or permanent basis for use in a computer or other digital electronic device. Computer Memory is two types as Primary Memory and Secondary Memory at the base of uses. The term primary memory is used for the information in physical systems which function at high-speed (i.e. RAM), as a distinction from secondary memory, which are physical devices for program and data storage which are slow to access but offer higher memory capacity. When data of Primary Memory stored on secondary memory is called "virtual memory".Primary MemoryThe term "memory" is often (but not always) associated with addressable semiconductor memory, i.e. integrated circuits consisting of silicon-based transistors and used as primary memory. Primary storage (or main memory or internal memory), often referred to simply as memory, is the only one directly accessible to the CPU. The CPU continuously reads instructions stored there and executes them as required. Any data actively operated on is also stored there in uniform manner. RAM used for primary storage is also volatile, i.e. they lose the information when not powered). Cash Memory is also a super fast then RAM and it working for only processor.There are two main types of semiconductor memory: volatile and non-volatile.Examples of non-volatile memory are flash memory (sometimes used as secondary, sometimes primary computer memory) and ROM/PROM/EPROM/EEPROM memory (used for firmware such as boot programs). Examples of volatile memory are primary memory (typically dynamic RAM, DRAM), and fast CPU cache memory (typically static RAM, SRAM, which is fast but energy-consuming and offer lower memory capacity per area unit than DRAM).Secondary MemoryThe term "storage" is often (but not always) used in separate computers of traditional secondary memory such as tape, magnetic disks and optical discs (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM). Secondary storage (also known as external memory or auxiliary storage), differs from primary storage in that it is not directly accessible by the CPU. The computer usually uses its input/output channels to access secondary storage and transfers the desired data using intermediate area in primary storage. Secondary storage does not lose the data when the device is powered down-it is non-volatile. Hard disk, CD and DVD drives are usually used as secondary storage. Some other examples of secondary storage technologies are: flash memory (e.g. USB flash drives or keys), floppy disks, magnetic tape, paper tape, punched cards, standalone RAM disks, and Iomega Zip drives.

You have a primary and secondary tank. Certain air functions of the truck use the primary and others use the secondary tank.

you use two primary colours to make a secondary colour. Example mixing blue and red make the secondary colour purple. The primary colours blue and yellow make green

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It is primary because they get it strait from the ground and use it.

Primary memory in the computer is used to hold programs' application data while it is being processed by the CPU. Primary memory is chiefly comprised of RAM.

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The combined use of primary and secondary reinforcers.

Primary and Secondary Potions.

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Primary>Secondary relies on secondary to buy the output so it can be processed into finished goods Secondary>Primary relies on primary to extract raw materials for them to process Secondary>Tertiary relies on tertiary to distribute their finished goods to consumers/customers Tertiary>Secondary relies on secondary to supply finished goods for them to sell Primary>Tertiary relies on tertiary to distribute and market their goods to both secondary and consumers Tertiary>Primary relies on primary to use their services and thus provide a source of revenue

You use primary colors to mix together, and you can get many secondary colours, depending on how many different combinations you try. Was this question a joke??

Internal and External. Internal - also known as Primary Memory, comes inbuilt when the computer is manufactured and mainly used to run the computer while external - also known as Secondary Memory can be added to the computer storing data and information for future use

Memory slot is a place where a memory can introduced to a system. It is an interface to add a memory device. This can be various types. For introduce primary memory we use tha RAM slot. Or for secondary memory interfacing we use different types of interfacing, such as PATA, SATA etc. But for RAM interfacing we require to match FSB (BUS Speed) of the memory device, such as FSB 400 or 667 or 800 etc. External chache is noting but a chache memory that is attached to a computer system to optimise its performance. It is used to boost up the performance of a conventional computers.

Virtual memory is used to increase the size of working memory in the system main memory by using the locations in secondary storage such as harddisk.

No because the primary industry do the crops and the secondary industry use the crops to make materials and if there's no crops how would the secondary industry make the materials

The number of loops in the primary and secondary coils determine whether it decreases or increases the voltage.

A transformer is going to have a kva rating on the nameplate. Divide this number by the voltage of the primary or secondary and you get the amp capacity of the primary or secondary respectively. Do not use the voltage of the primary to determine the amp capacity of the secondary, or vice versa.

z for primary, x for secondary

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