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Poly Choke
  • Yes, set choke to cylinder.
  • Yes, you can use slugs in a poly choke gun i have a mossberg New Haven model and i use slugs in it all the time just make shure that you open the choke up to mod. or im cyl or just the most open setting on the poly choke it shouldn't matter the your gun is a jc and mines a mossberg when i shoot slugs in it i use the inmrpved clyinder setting its the most open setting that my gun has just make shure you don't lossen the choke too much or you might shoot of the choke all together (my grandpa did that with his 12 ga. anyway
  • Poly Chokes have a "slug" setting or use Cylinder or Improved Cylinder. They are safe with rifled slugs. Ask Poly Choke Inc. before trying sabots which are meant for rifled barrel anyway and aren't accurate out of a smoothbore.

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Q: Can you use slugs in a J C Higgins shotgun with a poly-choke?
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Can you use slugs in a birdshot barrel jc Higgins 20-12 shotgun?


What does a shotgun shoot?

Pellets or slugs. shotguns usually shoot shot or pellets, but you can shoot slugs. in Indiana we use a shotgun to hunt deer and use shotgun slugs, better to use a barrel with no choke in it. cylinder bore preferred.

Can you use slugs in a shotgun with a poly-choke?

NO,NO,NO,NO do not chance it, I blew a 20 gauge barrel up that had a poly-chokeI would Google PolyChoke and ask them. I think it is o.k. with the choke set on IC or Cylinder, but ask them first.

Can you use slugs in a smooth bore shotgun that has no choke?


What is the designation of a shotgun barrel intended for use with slugs?

Slug barrel

What kind of ammo kan a Jc Higgins model 20 shotgun pump action made by high standard arms shoot and can it shoot slugs?

The JC Higgins Model 20 is a well-made firearm. Provided you have it checked by a competent gunsmith, it can handle any standard 12ga 2 3/4" shotshell. If the gun is not choked 'FULL' you should be able to use slugs.

Can you use rifled slugs in a smooth bore shotgun with a rifled choke?

You can, but I wouldn't advise it.

Can I use magnum slugs from in my Remington Express Tactical shotgun?

You need to contact Remington for an answer.

What type of modern shotgun shell can you use in a Fox double barrel shotgun model B-BSE for deer hunting?

Deer slugs are the shotgun shells to use when deer hunting.

What choke do you use to shoot slugs in your shotgun?

Open, you don't want any restriction when shooting slugs because they don't compress like shot will I use an improved cylinder choke.

Can you use birdshot in a jc Higgins shotgun with poly-choke?

Yes- that is what the poly-choke is for.

Can you shoot a slug in any 12 gage shot gun?

No. It is unsafe to shoot slugs in a shotgun with a full choke. A full choke shotgun may not allow the slug to pass through and could injure the gun and the shooter. Slugs will work fine in ANY shotgun that has a cylinder, improved cylinder, or modified cylinder choke. If you happen to have a shotgun with crew in chokes, it will be easy to switch chokes. Most slugs that people use are the foster- type slugs. These slugs feature a hollow base and are made of softer lead and are found at most stores. They are made by Remington, Winchester, and Federal. These slugs are more forgiving as they can sometimes squeeze through a tighter choke. Slugs like those from Brenneke and Dixie slugs are made of harden lead and are less forgiving. These slugs are safest used in shotguns that have cylinder or improved cylinder chokes.

What gauge shotgun to use for trapshooting?

Whatever you can use effectively. Most shotgunners in the US opt for a 12-Gauge, but be a sport and use a .410, with deer slugs.

What is the best rifle to use for hunting bear?

I would suggest a Winchester or a 30 ought six or a shotgun with deer slugs.

How do you use the word buckshot in a sentence?

In states that do not allow the use of a high-power rifle to hunt deer, you may be able to use a shotgun loaded with buckshot or slugs.

If i use shotgun in youth season in indiana would i get in trouble or am i aloud to use one?

Depends on what you are hunting. Some game like birds require a shotgun, while deer typically require the use of rifles or shotguns with slugs instead of shot.

Can you use slugs in your Charles daly field pump shotgun?

You "can" so to say , but if the barrel is not rifled then you will end up damaging it after a little while.

Will rifled shells slug damage a rifled shotgun barried?

Rifled slugs may be safely fired thru MOST shotgun barrels, The makers of some variable chokes recommend that slugs NOT be fired thru them, and turkey guns that use the Extra Full choke aer not usually recommended for slug shooting.

What is the Best slugs to use in smooth barrel shotguns?

That will depend on your shotgun. The best way to find out is to buy as many different types/brands as you can and shoot them.

Can you shoot a slug through a Browning A 500?

Yes. Slugs can be fired in any modern shotgun. It is best to use an improved cylinder barrel. Modified and full chokes are usually not as accurate, and too many slugs can cause them to pattern poorly with shot loads, although it is perfectly safe to use them.

What shell size do you use in a j.c. Higgins model 101.7 .410 shotgun?

Your shotgun was made for Sears by Stevens, and is their model 311. It should take 2.5 inch and 3 inch .410 shells.

What choke do you use on a smooth barrel gun to shoot sabot slugs?

You would need a rifled choke tube to fire sabots from your smooth bore shotgun. See a firearms dealer for more information about obtaining one for your particular shotgun.

What is the ammunition of a modern shotgun called?

Generally "Pellets" or "Shot" contained in "Shells". There are also solid shot "Slugs" similarly contained in "Shells". I'd use Shells ie "8 shotgun shells", unless you are specifying exactly the type.

Can you shoot Deer Slugs through a new Winchester Model 1300 Win-choke Quick-pump Shotgun?

Yes, but you should use choke tubes specifically designed for slugs OR nothing tighter than Improved Cylinder.

Can you use a sabot slug in a 2200 series full choke Winchester shotgun?

no you cannot. sabot slugs are made for rifled barrels. I would buy a rifled slug barrel.