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Q: Can you use slugs in a smooth bore shotgun that has no choke?
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Can you use rifled slugs in a smooth bore shotgun with a rifled choke?

You can, but I wouldn't advise it.

What choke do you use on a smooth barrel gun to shoot sabot slugs?

You would need a rifled choke tube to fire sabots from your smooth bore shotgun. See a firearms dealer for more information about obtaining one for your particular shotgun.

Can you shoot rifled slugs out of a smooth bore shotgun barrel with no choke?

Yes. Rifled slugs are intended for smoothbore barrels (abot slugs aer for RIFLED barrels). Best accuracy with rifled slugs is USUALLY a modified choke, but can be safely fired thru any choke less than EXTRA full choke.

Will it damage anything to shoot a rifle slug through a smooth bore barrel with a rifled choke tube?

it could possibly destroy your choke tube so remove it before shooting slugs. but the slug is rifled just for that purpose shooting it out of a smooth bore shotgun

Will a smooth bore shotgun shoot Remington Copper Solid Sabot Slugs?

Depends on how old the shotgun is.

Can you shoot rifled slugs out of a smooth bore shotgun barrel?

yes that's what theyre made for

What does a shotgun shoot?

Pellets or slugs. shotguns usually shoot shot or pellets, but you can shoot slugs. in Indiana we use a shotgun to hunt deer and use shotgun slugs, better to use a barrel with no choke in it. cylinder bore preferred.

What type of 12 gauge slugs are ok through a smooth bore shotgun?

Rifled slugs. Sabot slugs will not be as accurate- hose are meant for rifled barrels.

Can you shoot rifled slugs through a improved cylinder choke?

Yes, you can shoot rifled slugs out of a smooth-bore barrel with any choke. Pattern with different manufacturer's slugs, and at different distances to see which works best. Different guns like different ammo so see what yours likes. If it is a smooth-bore, do not use sabots.

Will using a rifled choke in a smooth bore barrel with rifled slugs cause any damage?

Needs to be checked out by a good gunsmith

Can magnum slugs be shot out of a smooth bore barrel?

Of coarse that's what slugs do :)

What shotgun choke is the most open?

Cylinder bore- no choke at all.

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