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Technically yes, although you won't find a human physician ordering veterinary supplies for use on his own patients - the risk of liability in human medicine for doing this is too high. However, if you are looking at a first aid kit at home, a veterinary sterile saline solution will do fine for a human.

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Can you use sterile wahter in a CPAP machine?

You can, but a lot of medical "sterile" water is a saline solution, which contains salt, and saline solutions should NOT be used in your CPAP humidifier. Distilled water is what the manufacturer recommends.

What to use sterile water or normal saline to irrigate the bladder?


What solution to use for continuous bladder irrigation?

Doctors would prescribe what solution to use. normally they use either normal saline or sterile water

Can you use the saline rinse packet in the CPAP water during use?

No. The only thing that should be placed in the water chamber is STERILE or DISTILLED WATER. Saline contains "salt" which could damage or decrease the life of the humidifier.

Is it preferable to use sterile water for irrigation to clean my eyes?

Using sterile water is ideal if that's all you've got to clean your eyes. It's always better to use saline to clean your eyes out, though.

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Can sterile water be used for practice injections?

Hypothetically, yes it can. HOWEVER, using sterile water for practicing IM injections will HURT. The sterile water is not isotonic with the cells in your body and will result in both pain and small uncontrolled muscle spasms that will subside in a few minutes. Please if possible use an isotonic sterile saline solution as this should not produce any pain or side effects.

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Can washing your eyes with cooking salt and water daily do any damage to the eyes?

Rinsing eyes with a mild saline solution is safe, as long as the saline is prepared properly. The salt needs to be totally dissolved and it would be better to use a sterile solution available at most pharmacies.

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3 Why are specimens to be stained suspended in sterile saline or distilled water?

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