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Can you use the same PIN for your savings and checking account?


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Sure you can. There are no restrictions that expect you to use a different number for your savings and your checking account. You can use the same number that you can easily remember for both the accounts and nobody can stop you from doing so.

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Your acct no is on your checks or statement, you have to go in person for a new pin if you lost that.

My personal checking account number is 0230545 and pin number 1234.

is a telex pin number is the same as your bank pin number that you used for your personal account

Many people open up a checking account online, but you can also open up an online savings account. The process is similar to that of a checking account. Depending on what bank you plan on opening your new savings account with, you will have the option to choose from a range of accounts. Some accounts require an opening deposit of $100. You will be able to see which savings account you will benefit from. In order to get started with the process of opening up your new savings account, you will need to make sure that you have all of your current bank information, such as account and routing numbers and some form of identification, such as a driver's license, state, or military identification card. The next step is to fill out a short form, in order to start your way to enjoying your new account. Verify and confirm that the information that you just completed is correct and accurate. Once you confirm, it will take a few minutes for the bank to process your information. If everything is accurate and correct, the next step is to fill out your bank information from your current bank. If you don't have this information available you can save the information that you have and complete it at another time. Once you have ready to make an opening deposit, fill out the form that allows you to input your bank account and routing number information. A savings account card will be issued to you in seven to ten business days. Keep your card is a safe place. When you filled out the online form, you were asked to choose a pin number. Don't ever give out your pin number. If your card is ever lost, contact the bank immediately. The bank will cancel and block any further transactions that may occur on the card. When it comes to any type of savings or checking account, you should always keep a record of what you spend, so that you don't end up paying overdraft fees, which can range from $30 to $45.

go to the web browser open the my account then you can reset or keep the same pin number...........Good luck

If the pin won't send to your email address, make sure that it is indeed sending it to the right email address. If this doesn't work, try checking your Spam or Delete box and see if the email is located in there. Email is the only way to retrieve your lost pin number.

If you know your password, you can reset your PIN, without having to type in your old PIN. If you forget your password or pin you can answer your security question and you can get into your account.

No. A debit card is connected to actual funds from a checking or savings account. When used as a debit card, at a merchant, a PIN is required for the purchase to be approved. However, it can also be used as credit in which a PIN is not required. PIN = Personal Identification Number. A credit card is connected to a line of credit (borrowed money). In which the card holder is required to pay a minimum payment each month, or they may pay the full balance to avoid interest charges.

An accounts pin is specific to your account.

Answer It depends on what country you live in. In Canada for example you can do this as living together for just one year, is considered as living common law and it's legal. What my wife and I did was open a joint account, that elimated the need for a ton of paper work, and we even have separate pin numbers for the same account.

u go on account and look for pin number or password and change it!

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number usually used as a backup security measure by banks or schools to make sure someone doesn't use your account without knowing your number. It is important to keep your PIN confidential so that someone can't compromise your account. _______ is your facebook password the same as your username?

Your checking account is linked to a routing number that your bank sends to a credit company when you apply for a debit card. When you swipe your card in the machine and enter your pin, the credit takes the money in your account and gives you an equal amount out at the machine.

When a new deposit account like Savings bank account is opened in a bank, the customer is also provided a debit card. For example, in Syndicate bank instant debit card is issued the account holder. In some other banks, the debit card will be sent separately to the customer's address.Howevr, the ATM card and its PIN is a closely guarded secert. This means that the PIN will be sent to the customer after the acccount isopened. Even the bank staff will not know this number. The number will be computer generated and no one know it!!M.J. SUBRAMANYAM, BANGALORE

No, you do not. There's a little something called working for a living. You should give it a try sometime. By the way, don't continue posting these kinds of questions on here, or the end result will be an IP ban.

Go to the maplestory website and logg in, then go to view you account info and there should be a button saying reset pin

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You don't ! The PIN associated with a person's account is their business - known only to them and the card company. Even bank staff have no access to a customer's PIN.

A Sky pin number can be recovered by selecting the yellow "Forgotten PIN" option. You will then need to enter the last four digits of your customer account number.

You most likely received some type of information from your bank with a web address on it. If not, search for the bank online and find the web address. Go to the site and they usually have step-by-step instructions for setting up your online account management. You will most likely need your account number and possibly your PIN number for your debit/ATM card.

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The PIN is not held on the card ! It is stored (in encrypted form) on the computer system of the bank where the customer has the account !

Try checking your system settings, the box that it came in, or take it to an electronics store.

not the smartest thing to do moneywise,for several reasons, you can get more interest in A CD,you can not access more cash than A couple hundred bucks A day at ATM, but if you lose the ATM card (eventhough the person does not have your PIN) someone can empty your account in A day,Go to walmart, buy something, use your debit card, NO ID REQUIRED, They accept and smile.,,, MOST BANKS offer free checking,and CD's, my advice do that., Jamison.

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