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== == My pool is about 15 yrs old. It is 15,400 gal, with a 600 gal spa next to it, and they both run off the same 1.5hp pump. Works great. In my case, the spa dumps excess water into the pool, so I keep the pool & spa returns open all the time and the overflow eliminates worrying about balancing the water flow. Jim. Our pool is 20000 gal and a spa next to it with 1000 gal both operated by a 2 hp Jacuzzi brand pump for the last 10 yrs, also 5 solar panels on the roof for great


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Q: Can you use the same pump for your pool and spa?
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Pool and Spa Service?

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Can you use a spa pumpfilter on a swimming pool?

You might find the spa filter to be too small. The spa pump would be strong so you would need to have an appropriately sized filter to handle the flow-rate.

What do you use algicide for in the pool?

Algaecide is used to kill and or prevent algae. Pool & Spa.

Can use use a sand pump with a salt pool?

yes you can, the sand pump cleans the pool, making it look amazing!!

How do you lower the acidity of an inground pool?

use something called soda ash you can find it at a pool or spa store

How do you get the spa 3 key card in moshi monsters?

go to the spa room 1, use the tiki torch to get the fishing hook of the wall then use the rod to srain the pool. then u have the spa card

What is the furthest distance from the pool that you can install the pool pump and filter?

I would say 10 yards easy. if the ground is flat.. if the pump is lower that the pool ? it may take a bigger pump ..use pvc. and never use tread tape on a plastic pump ! your pool pump repair guy in longwood fl.

Is it all right to leave an in ground pool pump on 24 hours a day?

Yes it is safe, in fact I would recommend it; I manage a pool and spa store in Richmond, Va and own a pool myself. We never turn the pump off in season except for routine maintenance. Keeping the pump on helps keep the pool properly sanitized, and prevents the growth of algae and water molds. It is to my knowledge, not harmful to the pump, as most of our customers do the same, and we don't have many failures. Manufacturers build the pumps for this kind of use, they are warn out faster by starting and stopping than by continuous operation.

Can you use the pool when the pump is on?

Yes, you would actually prefer to use it when the pump is running

How do you drain your pool?

For Draining a pool, I use my pump that I use during the winter to pump off the cover. I start it out on the first step of the inground pool and move it down accordingly.

Will 1 pool heater work for a pool and a spa or do you need two heaters?

Most people would want the spa hotter, so in that case there is no way to use only one heater.

How do you get into spa 3 on moshi?

you have to use the broken tiki torch to touch the hook on the fish then use that to touch the plug in the pool and you will lose the card for spa 3 then you will play a game to get it.

What size pump for a 5000 gal pool?

i also use a 5000 gallon pool above ground and i use a 1 1/2hp pump. with a sand filter.

Is is necessary to use antifreeze in the drain of an above ground pool?

no all you have to do is use a pump or the drain if the pool has one

What size pool pump do you need for a 7500 gallon pool?

the best pump is a sta-rite dura glas .. a 1hp is what i would use

What is the best pool pump to use in a pool?

here are some top three pool pump brands in this website that you can decide from with best quality and reviews.

Putting in a new pool pump inground does it have to the same brand?

It would be recommended to observe the pump size rating (horsepower) and replace with a swimming pool pump that has a similar flow curve. In terms of brand name, there is no reason that you need to use the existing brand again unless you want to.

Can you use an above ground pool pump for an inground pool? In simplest terms, an above ground pool pump is a flooded suction pump, which means the water level must be higher than the pump for it to operate, and an inground pump has the ability to draw water up from a level lower than the pump. The engineering and structure of these two different types of pumps is what makes them work the way they do. This means that, in a typical installation, you could use an inground-specific pump on an above ground pool, but not an above ground pump on an inground pool with the water level below the pump.

What size pump for a 18ft round pool?

I have an 18' round pool and i use a 1/2 HP pump. It should be more than enough.

Can you use a saltwater system in your above ground pool?

Absolutely. Even Intex the supplier to Walmart and toy stores sell a chlorine generator. Pool & Spa

Can you use baquacil in a hot tub?

Not recommended, Baquacil is a swimming pool, hydrogen peroxide (Potassium) based chemical. Baqua Spa is the recommended (Potassium) based spa chemical.

Can you use a different pump for a doughboy silica filter?

There is generally little difference between pool pumps so long as its the same sise

Can you use a one horsepower pool pump on a pool with 26000 gallons water and 4 intakes?

Yes you can.

How do you connect pool heater to pool?

Most heaters are plumbed last in the pool piping system. First is the water pump, then the filter, then the heat pump and finally the pool. If you have a chlorinator then that will be put last in the system after the heater and before the pool and usually there is a check valve between the chlorinator and the heater to prevent a high dose of chlorine from damaging the heater. If you are going to use a heat pump then that is made from titanium then that doesn't matter as chemicals don't damage heat pumps like they do gas heaters. There are some piping diagrams at that will also show you spa layouts, solar etc.

Will a 125 btu heat pump heat a 16x32 pool in central New Jersey from mid-May through mid-September?

I doubt that that small of a heater would be adequate for a tiny pool in California. Does it have a spa attached? I would not use anything smaller than 400,000 BTU gas heater. I have little knowledge of heat pumps per say but I would think the same. Larger is better. Your pump would have to literally run continuously. Consult with a local pool builder or a trusted pool store. Information like this would, I think, be free. Ken