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Can you use the same pump for your pool and spa?


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2007-11-11 15:21:44
2007-11-11 15:21:44

== == My pool is about 15 yrs old. It is 15,400 gal, with a 600 gal spa next to it, and they both run off the same 1.5hp pump. Works great. In my case, the spa dumps excess water into the pool, so I keep the pool & spa returns open all the time and the overflow eliminates worrying about balancing the water flow. Jim. Our pool is 20000 gal and a spa next to it with 1000 gal both operated by a 2 hp Jacuzzi brand pump for the last 10 yrs, also 5 solar panels on the roof for great



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You might find the spa filter to be too small. The spa pump would be strong so you would need to have an appropriately sized filter to handle the flow-rate.

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Algaecide is used to kill and or prevent algae. Pool & Spa.

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yes you can, the sand pump cleans the pool, making it look amazing!!

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use something called soda ash you can find it at a pool or spa store

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