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Yes, but it is illegal to download licensed material without consent of the company that created the game. It is piracy, the same as downloading music for free from Kazaa.

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Q: Can you use utorrent to download video games?
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Where Download amiga games?

Use P2P programs like emule and bit torrent. For bit torrent, use utorrent on Windows and thepiratebay .org.

Where can you download the Harry Potter video games?

You cannot legally download the Harry Potter video games. You can purchase them and use the disc to play the game.

Is there a charge for using the Utorrent service?

Some utorrent services are free while other places charge you to download it and use it. It all depends on where you can get utorrent from and what version it is.

IS UTorrent illegal?

It depends on what you are going to download. If you are going to use uTorrent to get lots of copyrighted music and movies, then yes it is illegal. There is also material that can be download on uTorrent that is non-copyright, so it would be legal in that case because you are given permission to download it.No it is not illegal to use. Downloading certain files may be.

Where can you download rome total war?

At The Pirate Bay or via uTorrent. You have to use uTorrent or a same kind of program to download it. But if you want to pay just go to the site and download it from there.

How do you download plant vs zombies?

If you want to pirate the game without paying for it, i would say use uTorrent and go on the pirate bay and do a torrent search and then use uTorrent to download that torrent you have selected. :)

How do you download movie from torrent?

Use Utorrent . It helps to download torrent files with films you need.

How do you get the Pink Panther 2 free?

Go to, search for whatever you want, download one of the torrents, download uTorrent from, load the torrent in the software then wait for it to download. After that use burning software to burn the video to DVD or you can watch it on your computer. :)

Where can you download season 2 of inuyasha?

use you will also need utorrent to download it

Is it illegal to use utorrent to download music?

Utorrent is legal but downloading copyrighted music without paying isn't. If you pay first, then it's legal.

How do you watch a movie in torrent?

First you should download it... You can use uTorrent for this purpose.. It's only 264 kb but it works very very good! You can download uTorrent from Then you should use a media player for it and I strongly recommend GOM Player, it's very lite and fast media player, supports subtitles (nearly every format) and also finds required codecs automatically! You can download it from

How do you use Utorrent to download files?

Some sites let you download files that have the extension .torrent (examplefile.torrent) Which is a compressed file on the internet that, for you to use, needs to be uncompressed. Open the file with uTorrent, and select where you want it to be extracted to. This can be a while, since uTorrent has to get the file, find seeders(People who allow other people to use the speed from there internet connection, and then download it. A one gigabyte file may take up to a day on a slow connection or if there are no seeders. Hope this helps!

Is it possible to download your own video games onto an ipod touch?

yes i use E.M. Youtube video download tool

Do people want 2 buy video games?

Yes, people generally like to purchase video games for personal use. Sometimes people download games for free.

How do you use of utorrent?

Well first you have download the software and pick the correct settings for your computer. Then, go to a site like thepiratebay or mininova and search for anything you would like to download. Once you have found a download with a high amount of seeders and leechers - these will help your download download quickly and efficiently - then accept it on utorrent and let the download begin!

Why wont your torrent music file open?

You cannot just download the 15kb torrent file and expect it to work. You must have a bittorrent client such as uTorrent and use that to open the torrent file. the torrent itself will then download to the location you tell it to. you can download uTorrent off or its own website.

How to free download marathi GADHWACH LA movie?

Download the movie using torrent at u can use utorrent for this . Download the movie using torrent at u can use utorrent for this .

How do you download dstv software?

You need to first find the software online and if it is a torrent use a torrent downloading software like utorrent or bit torrent or if just an application then you can either just download or use a download manager.

Where can i download full games for free?

There are multiple websites that one can use like "pirates bay", however first you have to download a torrent program like "bit torrent" or "utorrent". WARNING be very aware of what is getting downloaded because some torrents carry viruses.

Does YouTube download video players when playing a video?

No, YouTube does not download video players when playing a video.

How to download smackdown vs raw 2010 PC game free to download smackdown vs raw 2010 PC game free?

Use torrents, but first you will have to download a client like utorrent...

How can you download free games on the internet?

My reply is as follows: Yes. If you use I was able to download Minecraft 1.2.5 for free, no viruses, no spyware, no nothing, no worries. Stay away from Softonic because I've used it before and you can't really download bugger all. You can also use The Pirate Bay, which is worth waiting a millennium for BitTorrent or uTorrent to download onto the system and trying to figure out how to get the bloody thing to work. You're better off with Mediafire downloads. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will have to retcon what you said there, as Mediafire is crawling with viruses and Trojans. And BitTorrent/uTorrent doesn't take ages to download, it depends on who uploads it and what internet you have.

What is the best website to download full movies without a membership?

use but you will need a torrent programme use utorrent

Downloading the free ad aware without Google How and where Thanks? here you go.You can download any software from this website is free,But you have to use a software to download it.It is utorrent software.

Where can one download the movie Servitude?

The movie, "Servitude", can be downloaded using a torrent program. One can use the torrent program, Utorrent, to download all sorts of movies like "Servitude".