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Yes, as long as one knows the information to the credit card.


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You can use a debit card on xbox live, yes. When you buy something off of xbox live marketplace, the money is taken straight off of your debit card immediately.

Most places that accept VISA credit cards will also accept VISA debit cards.

If it has the Visa logo you can use it any place Visa is accepted.

VISA is a great Credit and Debit Card Company. That is a way to use VISA in a sentence.

Many banks offer Visa debit cards. RBC and CIBC are some examples of banks that encourage the use of Visa debit cards. One major advantage of using a Visa debit card is the fact that it can be used overseas.

If you've got one, you can use it anywhere you would use any other sort of debit card.

If it is a Visa or other standard named card, you can use it anywhere that takes debit cards.

Yes - I use a Visa debit card issued by my bank with my Paypal account - I've had the account for 4 years.

No, you may only use a credit card. And if you live in the United States, you may use either a credit card or a Visa/Mastercard debit card.

If there is no Visa Delta or Visa Electron option then just use Visa (as in Visa Credit Card) this will allow your payment to be accepted. 828

Yes, you can use your Xbox Live account on your new Xbox One.

Yes. Your debit card is usually linked with your bank account. If your UK bank has branches in Paris then you can use your debit card at those branches. You may contact your bank for detail. If you are issued a VISA, MasterCard (etc.) debit card then you can use this debit card at locations (e.g., ATMs, Merchant establishments, etc.) displaying VISA, MasterCard (etc.) logo all over the world.

You dont the xbox mic was meant to be used with xbox live.

No - a debit card is simply an electronic version of cash. If there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction, the card will be declined.

You have to be very careful using any debit card online. If you do use it, especially for large purchases, be sure to use a secure site or PayPal.

An Xbox, internet connection and an Xbox live account.

yes but i think it is more exspensive there then here

No. I think, only Visa and MasterCard are accepted there.

They accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover for sure.

Hi,No prepaid phone card is what you use to call internationally for cheap, a debit card is what you get from the bank like visa, master card, you can deposit your money to bank and use the visa card or master card to pay bills online or you can use it in lots of stores.

Yes, you should be able to use it wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

No you can't use a prepaid card for goodseller

of course. you can use your visa or mastercard for online shopping because it is considered a check card and as long as you have enough in your bank account to cover the purchase, you can use your card.

Yes because there is no such thing as Xbox 360 live because its the SAME EXACT THING as Xbox live.

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