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Yes, all Vocaloid programs are compatible with English Computers.


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The English version (the version sold in North America and the UK) of the program can be used with an English keyboard.

Oliver is the first English Vocaloid he was voiced by a young Brittish boy

If you're talking about the Japanese vocaloid then you can't. But there are several ways to change vocaloid into English once you have it. Like in this video for example:

I'm sorry, but no, once a VOCALOID serial number is used on one computer, it is no longer able to be used again. The VOCALOID serial number is a one and only thing. If it is used by another computer, then it will give out an error. If you purchase a VOCALOID you will not have this problem. So if you want a VOCALOID, you'll have to buy it.

No, you cant they are computer thingies so when they perform they are holograms. so unless you can touch holograms, you can touch a vocaloid

vocaloid is a voice synthesizer system used to sing Edit: That doesn't tell us how to use it!!!

Far from it! There are 35 released Vocaloids, at least 5 ready for release this year, and many more to come! Upcoming Vocaloids: VY2v3 (Japanese) VY? (English feminine) VY? (English masculine) English Miku English Kaito English SeeU Vocaloid 3 Kaito (Japanese) Luka Append (Japanese/English) Megpoid Native (Japanese) Unnamed Celtic male Vocaloid (English) Unnamed Celtic female Vocaloid (English) Vocaloid 3 Meiko (Japanese) Yayin Gongyu (Chinese) Aoki Lapis (Japanese) Ring Suzune (Japanese) Lui Hibiki (Japanese)

Vocaloid is a program used to simulate a human voice for use in songs. Hatsune Miku is a popular Japanese Vocaloid.

The 3rd Vocaloid to be released commercially is Miriam on 1 July 2004. Developed by Zero-G Ltd., Miriam is a English language Vocaloid running on the 1st generation VOCALOID engine. She is voice sampled by Miriam Stockley.

You install a Vocaloid like any other piece of software. Price varies depending on the Vocaloid but can be as much as $200. You have to pay for Vocaloid, unless you illegally download it. However there is a program called UTAU that is similar to vocaloid and lets you create your own UTAUloid rather then just the one voice

Because Vocaloid is a licensed technology, there are many products that use it. Zero-G's first generation Vocaloids (all English voice libraries) have demo versions available for download. Google the following: zero-g vocaloid trial Should be the first search hit.

Yes. She is a VOCALOID 2 software created by INTERNET CO. LTD. Her voice provider name is Megumi Nakajima. She has an update, native, and english voice bank in VOCALOID 3.

Actually the first vocaloid was launched with another one at the same time so the first Vocaloids are Leon and Lola. The English Vocaloids. In the series of Japanese Vocaloid however, Meiko is first.

No. VOCALOID 2 is a software that you need to pay for. If you are looking for the free version of VOCALOID 2 then use Utaloid. It was made by fans and is free.

Hatsune Miku is a representation of Yamaha's Vocaloid computer program.

the computer jargon we use in French, is the English computer jargon...

Yes, Ai is a vocaloid. A vocaloid 3 to be exact.

Vocaloid fans like Vocaloid. Vocaloid fans are located around the world. Vocaloid fans also have a tendency to like Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga).

"VOCALOID" has no official anime or manga, as well as no official story, so the answer to your question is no. VOCALOID is a program in either Japanese or English in which users can create or change songs. However, there is an unofficial manga called "Hatsune Miku: Unofficial Hatsune Mix." Though it's an unofficial book, it has still obtained a lot of respect as a funny manga. There are also quite a few vocaloid guide books on how to use the program. You just have to keep searching.

Piko is the name of both the Vocaloid and the voice provider, who is naturally not a Vocaloid.

KAITO is the 5th Vocaloid to be released for commercial sale on 17 Feb. 2006. Developed by Crypton Future Media, he is their 2nd Vocaloid after MEIKO, running on the 1st generation VOCALOID engine. KAITO is a Japanese male vocalist sampled from voice actor Fuuga Naoto. His voice library will be resampled and updated for compatibility with the Vocaloid 3 engine. He will also be getting an English voice library.

She is not from an anime, She is a Japanese voice synthesizer, The computer programme is called vocaloid

People are not sure if the second VOCALOID for the 1st generation was LEON or LOLA. They were both released on the same day. For VOCALOID 2nd generation, Hatsune Miku was the second VOCALOID after Sweet ANN. Lastly the VOCALOID 3rd generation, VOCALOID SeeU is the 2nd after MEW.

They use the English word, so "(il) computer".

Kenmochi Hideki is the maker of vocaloid.

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