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Yes. She is a Vocaloid 2 software created by internet CO. LTD. Her voice provider name is Megumi Nakajima. She has an update, native, and english voice bank in VOCALOID 3.


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You could either mean GUMI or SONiKA. GUMI sings in Japanese but SONiKA sings in English

Vocaloid, You can get Luka or Gumi English. (Or Uatu if You aint go money)

Officially, Megpoid Gumi does not like anyone. However fans have paired her up with just about any Vocaloid including, Gakupo, Kaito, Megurine Luka, etc.

The vocaloid Megpoid Gumi has glasses where the lens are red and the frame is a darker gray color.

The top 6 main vocaloid members are 1. Hatsune Miku 2. Kaito 3. Meiko 4. Kagamine Rin & Len 5. Megurine Luka 6. Gumi Megipod

Well, I absolutely LOVE the Kagamine twins. They're cute and have wicked creepy songs. Second, of course, is Miku. I mean, how can you NOT love her? I also like Gumi....she's the vocaloid that sounds the best. Luka is cool, too. Her songs are funky and disco-beat.

Yes, Ai is a vocaloid. A vocaloid 3 to be exact.

Gumi was released on the 25th June 2009

Kongō Gumi ended in 2006.

Abubakar Gumi died in 1992.

Gumi College was created in 1992.

Kumagai Gumi was created in 1898.

The population of Kumagai Gumi is 2,006.

Current as of 17 Dec 2012, all Vocaloids (products themselves) known to exist. In order of release starting from 2004 to present day. Also including known upcoming Vocaloids as well as experimental Vocaloids. *** RELEASED *** LEON LOLA Miriam MEIKO KAITO Sweet Ann Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin • Len - Discontinued, replaced by Act 2 PRIMA Kagamine Rin • Len Act 2 Gackpoid Kamui Gakupo Megurine Luka Megpoid GUMI SONIKA Kaai Yuki SF-A2 Kaihatsu Code Miki Hiyama Kiyoteru Big-Al Hatsune Miku Append (Soft, Sweet, Light, Vivid, Solid, Dark) TONIO Lily VY1 Gachapoid Ryuuto Nekomura Iroha Utatane Pico Kagamine Rin • Len Append (Power, Warm, Sweet • Power, Cold, Serious) VY2 Akikoroid-chan (private Vocaloid for Lawson Inc.) SeeU Megpoid Power (GUMI Power) Megpoid Whisper (GUMI Whisper) Megpoid Adult (GUMI Adult) Megpoid Sweet (GUMI Sweet) VY1V3 Mew Tone Rion Oliver Yuzuki Yukari CUL Bruno Clara IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- Megpoid Native (GUMI Native) Aoki Lapis Vocaloid 3 Lily Luo Tianyi Vocaloid 3 Gackpoid VY2V3 *** KNOWN UPCOMING VOCALOIDS *** (in no particular order) Megurine Luka Append Hatsune Miku English MEIKO Append KAITO Append KAITO English Vocaloid 3 Gachapoid VFS-01R Ring Suzune VFS-01L Hibiki Lui Avanna Megpoid GUMI English Unnamed Vocaloid 3 English Male by Zero-G *** EXPERIMENTAL VOCALOIDS *** CV-4Cβ - Created by Crypton Future Media and used in the HRP-4C robot "Project if ..." - Crypton Future Media's experimental child-like Vocaloid *** STATUS UNKNOWN *** CV04 - Crypton Future Media's 4th, and supposedly final, Vocaloid for their CV series Voaloids using a male voice.

Gumo and Gumiya are both names used for "genderbend" version of the vocaloid "Gumi" Megpoid. Therefore they are, indeed, the same person! Its all a matter of personal preference. I prefer calling him Gumiya.

Vocaloid fans like Vocaloid. Vocaloid fans are located around the world. Vocaloid fans also have a tendency to like Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga).

Piko is the name of both the Vocaloid and the voice provider, who is naturally not a Vocaloid.

Abubakar Gumi was born in 1922-11.

People are not sure if the second VOCALOID for the 1st generation was LEON or LOLA. They were both released on the same day. For VOCALOID 2nd generation, Hatsune Miku was the second VOCALOID after Sweet ANN. Lastly the VOCALOID 3rd generation, VOCALOID SeeU is the 2nd after MEW.

Kenmochi Hideki is the maker of vocaloid.

No, Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer program. However there is a manga and a video game out featuring the Vocaloid characters.

The duration of Shonan Junai Gumi is 1.55 hours.

Full names of the Vocaloid products are given below with most common character/mascot name in square brackets []. The order given is when they were each released relative to each other. (Note: Japanese Vocaloid names are in Eastern order (Last Name, First Name)) VOCALOID ENGINE: Leon (male, English) - 2004 Lola (female, English) - 2004 Miriam (female, English) - 2004 MEIKO (female, Japanese) - 2004 KAITO (male, Japanese) - 2006 VOCALOID2 ENGINE: Sweet Ann (female, English) - 2007 CV01 Hatsune Miku [Miku] (female, Japanese) - 2007 CV02 Kagamine Rin • Len [Rin, Len] (female • male, Japanese) - 2007 Prima (female, English) - 2008 Gackpoid Kamui Gakupo [Gakupo] (male, Japanese) - 2008 CV03 Megurine Luka [Luka] (female, Japanese & English) - 2009 Megpoid GUMI [GUMI] (female, Japanese) - 2009 Sonika (female, English) - 2009 SF-A2 Kaihatsu Code Miki [Miki] (female, Japanese) - 2009 Kaai Yuki [Yuki] (female, Japanese) - 2009 Hiyama Kiyoteru [Kiyoteru] (male, Japanese) - 2009 Big-Al (male, English) - 2009 Hatsune Miku Append (female, Japanese) - 2010 Tonio (male, English) - 2010 Lily (female, Japanese) - 2010 VY1 [sometimes Mizki] (female, Japanese) - 2010 Gachapoid Ryuuto [Ryuuto] (male, Japanese) - 2010 Nekomura Iroha (female, Japanese) - 2010 Utatane Piko (male, Japanese) - 2010 Kagamine Rin • Len Append [Rin, Len] (female/male, Japanese) - 2010 VY2 [sometimes Yuuma] (male, Japanese) - 2011 VOCALOID 3 ENGINE: Akikoroid-chan (female, Japanese, private Vocaloid for Lawson Inc.) - 2011 SeeU (female, Korean & Japanese, with English upcoming) - 2011 Vocaloid 3 Megpoid Power [Gumi] (female, Japanese) - 2011 Vocaloid 3 Megpoid Adult [Gumi] (female, Japanese) - 2011 Vocaloid 3 Megpoid Whisper [Gumi] (female, Japanese) - 2011 Vocaloid 3 Megpoid Sweet [Gumi] (female, Japanese) - 2011 VY1V3 (female, Japanese) - 2011 Mew (female, Japanese) - 2011 Tone Rion - 2011 Oliver (male, English) - 2011 Yuzuki Yukari (female, Japanese) - 2011 CUL (female, Japanese) - 2011 Bruno (male, Spanish) - 2011 Clara (female, Spanish) - 2011 IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- [IA, pronounced ee-ah] (female, Japanese) - 2012 Vocaloid 3 Megpoid Native [GUMI] (female, Japanese) - 2012 Aoki Lapis (female, Japanese) - 2012 Vocaloid 3 Lily (female, Japanese) - 2012 Luo Tianyi (female, Chinese) - 2012 Vocaloid 3 Gackpoid (male, Japanese) - 2012 Galaco (female, Japanese) - 2012 VY2V3 (male, Japanese) - 2012 MAYU (female, Japanese) - 2012

No, Akiakane is a Nico Nico Singer; not a Vocaloid.

Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi ended in 1995.

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