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Can you use washing machine water after use on plants?

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Soapy water would bother most plants As long as you did not have bleach in the wash, I don't see why not

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Does washing machine use less or more water than hand washing?

If you run the washing machine only when it is full, then it should use less water than washing it by hand. If you run the washing machine for one or two garments- you will be using more water than if washing it by hand.

How many gallons of water does a washing machine use?

The number of gallons of water that a washing machine uses varies between models. The standard washing machine uses 40 gallons of water.

Is soapy water good for plants?

Soapy water can be good for some plants. It's best to use soap water that is from a washing machine and does not contain borax from laundry products.

How much water does a washing machine use?

The average washing machine is said to use 65 liters of water per cycle. It is more energy efficient to fully load the washing machine because a half wash uses the same amount of water as a full wash.

What is the meaning of water inlet of washing machine?

It means where the water will be coming from. So you attach the water hose from tap to water inlet of the washing machine so that it can draw water and use it in the machine. The water outlet is where the waste is dispensed.

How does a washing machine use filtration?

It filters the water from the clothes.

How much water do you use when use the washing machine?

15-20 gal

How much water does a washing machine use per load?

Enougj to usually clean what is washing, if u use detergent

How much does it cost to use a washing machine?

The cost of the use of a washing machine varies depending the type of model and how the water is heated. Electric heated washing machines may cost less than gas.

How do you save water in the laundry?

Some washing machines have a water saving mode. You can also try to reduce the amount of times you use your washing machine.

What is the use of a Comet washing machine?

A Comet washing machine is a machine which is used for washing clothing. It is one of the top names in washing machines for clothing and is widely used.

What type of water should you use for colored clothed for your washing machine?

I would recommend clean water!

How do you use water in a right way?

Drinking, washing, watering plants, swimming

How much power does a washing machine use?

The average washing machine uses approximately 400 watts of electricity. The exact power usage of a washing machine is dependent upon the size of the washing machine.

Washing machine smells like burning rubber and leaks water?

the motor is over heating and is likely to explode. don't use the washing machine until you get a new one

Why is it more expensive to use a washing machine on a hot cycle?

Washing machines get water from your plumbing, if it is hot, then it costs you to run your hot water heater to heat up the water.

Should you use washing machine or dishwasher to clean your tennis shoes?

use the washing machine this is what i do for my sons shoes but your duaghter or son might not like them strat out of the washing machine becuese they are a little tight after

How many gallons of water does a front load washing machine use?

i know, but i wont tell you

what metric unit of mass and capacity should i use to measure the water in a washing machine.?


Diy mold removal washing machine?

To remove mold from a washing machine start by washing the inside of the washing machine with a mixture of 1/2 a cup of baking soda, 1/2 a cup white vinegar, and 1 gallon of hot water. Use a stiff bristled brush to wash the inside drum of the machine. Then place some bleach in the machine and run the washer using the hot water setting.

How can you use machine in a sentence?

I washed my clothes in a washing machine

How many gallons does a washing machine use?

In science class at school we had to do research about household daily water use and an average washing machine uses 55 gallons per load, unless you have a high efficiency model.

How does a dish washing machine use energy?

A dishwasher has a water heater and electric water pumps, which both consume energy.

Who does a led work?

LED is working with the use of washing machine. It just circulates the flow of water from east to west and vice versa. After the circulation you can now drain the washing machine for a new cycle.

What do you use to wash your clothes?

The washing machine.