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Yes, you can use yeast infection cream while using NuvaRing. There's no need to remove the ring for treatment.

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Q: Can you use yeast infection cream while using NuvaRing?
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Can you take a bath while using NuvaRing?

Yes, you can take a bath, swim, hot tub, scuba dive, etc. while using NuvaRing.

Does nuvaring decrease fertility?

NuvaRing lowers the risk of pregnancy while you're using it. It does not affect future fertility.

Can you start your period while the NuvaRing is still in?

Yes, that happens sometimes. Continue using NuvaRing as scheduled. You can use tampons or pads according to your preference.

Is using the NuvaRing while bleeding safe?

Yes, it's perfectly normal and safe to insert it while you're still bleeding. You can continue to use whatever sanitary products you normally use while the Nuvaring is in (tampons or pads).

Can you use Fluocinolone cream for a staph infection on my face and neck?

No; using a medication that lowers your immune response while you have an infection is unwise. See a health care provider for appropriate treatment.

What if you get your period while NuvaRing is in?

No, there's no cause for concern. Continue using NuvaRing according to the schedule on the calendar, regardless of any bleeding.Continue using the ring as scheduled, according to the calendar, without regard to bleeding.

Why shouldn't you have vaginal intercourse while using yeast infection cream?

For one thing you are likely to infect your partner. your partner is likely to reinfect you when you are clear.

What if you get your period while NuvaRing is inserted?

If you have vaginal bleeding with Nuva Ring in place, continue using the ring as scheduled. You can use your usual menstrual products (tampons or pads) with NuvaRing in place.

If you start your period while the NuvaRing is in does this mean you have done something wrong?

the same thing just happened to me, and I was really upset but I called organon, they said its perfectly normal, especially if i started using nuvaring recently.

Can you use norforms while using NuvaRing?

You may use Norforms whil using NuvaRing, but this is not a healthy practice. You would not find a female gynecologist who uses these type of products. They are more likely to cause odor or irritation than they are likely to prevent or cure odor.

When can you breastfeed after removing NuvaRing?

You can breastfeed with or without NuvaRing in. If you are relying on NuvaRing for pregnancy prevention, taking it out to breastfeed is going to increase your risk for pregnancy. If you're breastfeeding while using NuvaRing, removing it for a few hours does nothing to improve your milk supply, but does make it less effective. Please contact your health care provider, pharmacist, or lactation consultant to discuss NuvaRing and breastfeeding, as it seems there has been some misunderstanding. NuvaRing may decrease milk volume, which could be important with a newborn. It does not affect the quality of the milk.

Can you have vaginal intercourse while using yeast infection cream?

You really shouldn't have vaginal intercourse until your yeast infection is completely cleared up. Switch to oral and/or anal sex until then. Tell your boyfriend why, I'm sure he'll understand.

Can you get pregnant on NuvaRing one week before you are to have your period?

It is possible to get pregnant while on NuvaRing, but not very likely.

Can you get pregnant while switching from Depo-Provera to NuvaRing?

If you start NuvaRing on or before the day your shot was due, you have continuous protection.

What happens if you get your period while NuvaRing is still in?

If you get your period while NuvaRing is in, continue using the ring as scheduled. You can use tampons or pads for bleeding according to your preference. This unscheduled bleeding is common during the first three months of using the ring. If it lasts longer or has other symptoms, or if it just bother you, talk to your heatlh care provider about other birth control options.

Should you take the morning after pill if you're on NuvaRing?

There should be no need to use Plan B while correctly using Nuva Ring.

Can you wear a tampon while using clotrimazole cream?

You can use a tampon while using clotrimazole cream. However it's important you understand that tampon use is not recommended if you have a vaginal infection: tampons encourage growth of bacteria and yeast within the vagina as well as impact on vaginal pH, thus they can increase vaginal infections. A yeast infection implies vaginal flora is off balance and so your vagina may also be more likely to contain the bacteria responsible for Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Can you get your period while you're still wearing the NuvaRing?

yes, you may have some spotting on nuvaring but you shouldn't have it after the first month.

Can you use yeast infection cream while on your period?

Yes, though you should only do so if you actually have a yeast infection. It serves no purpose or hindrance in relation to the period itself.

Can you get a yeast infection while using a condom?

If the condom breaks

Can fresh cream be made into whipping cream?

Yes, although it takes a while to do by hand, try using an electric whisk.

Does inserting the NuvaRing while on your period stop it?

Inserting NuvaRing during your period is likely to slow bleeding, but it may not stop altogether. Starting NuvaRing during the first five days of bleeding gives immediate pregnancy protection.

What are the side effects of using nuva ring while taking phentermine?

There are no known drug interactions between NuvaRing and phentermine, so there is no reason to expect different side effects.

Can you use alcohol while using Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal cream?


Is it safe to take aspirin while using Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Topical cream?

Yes. This is an antihistamine cream, and is safe to use with aspirin.