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Straight from Birkenstock, themselves...

Also you could purchase "Birki's"; which are a separate Birkenstock sub-brand. They are the more rubberized clogs that many chefs and medical professionals wear. They can be washed in a washing machine, hosed off, and even sterilized in an autoclave machine (think of sterile surgical instrument cleanliness).

- * - * - * - * - * - Original answer below - * - * - * - * - * I don't think that you can wash them...hmmm. But I'm sure if they are the suede version that you can get a sudsy towel and gently scrub them. For leather, maybe just wipe them off with a wet towel, and perhaps some soap.

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Where can you find a shop that mends birkenstock shoes?

all shops selling Birkenstock, especially mono brand stores have the possibility to send the shoes to Birkenstock for repair

What retail stores that carry Birkenstock shoes?

What retail stores carry Birkenstock sandals? No shopping on line, need to try on. Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy's, and the Walking Company carry Birkenstock shoes.

What retail store sells Birkenstock shoes?


Were can you find a shop that sale birkenstock shoes?

at wal-mart

Where can you buy Birkenstock shoes in Brighton UK?

Churchill Square Brighton England.

Where in Los Angeles can one find Birkenstock sandals?

You can make your way to ventura boulavard sherman oaks in Los Angeles and stop at the store called Birkenstock footprint comfort shoes. This is certainly one store where you can purchase Birkenstock sandals.

What kind of shoes are good for someone with plantar fasciitis?

The following are suggestion on the kinds of shoes that a person with plantar fasciitis can wear; Wooden Dr. Scholls Clog shoes, New balance tennis shoes, and Birkenstock sandals.

Which retailers carry chef shoes?

There are many retailers that carry chef shoes. Some examples include Chef Uniforms, KM Shoes, Standing Comfort, Chef Wear, Birkenstock and many more.

What are the shoes called that have the cork on the bottoms and the top is kinda like a slipper?

Most well known one is probably the Birkenstock.

Can you wash Bobs shoes?

You can wash most of Bobs shoes in the washing machine. There are some styles such as the Earth Papa collection which is not advisable to place in the wash due to the detail of the shoes.

What makes a Birkenstock so comfortable to wear?

Birkenstock strives to give each of its wearers their own perfect fit. When wearing the correct size in their shoes, a person will be aided in body alignment by the support given to their foot, and support and shock absorption for comfort.

Are there any words with double q in them?

yes you can wash your shoes in the washer and dryer. if you can step in puddles with your shoes then you can wash them.

When did Johann Adam Birkenstock die?

Johann Adam Birkenstock died in 1733.

When was Johann Adam Birkenstock born?

Johann Adam Birkenstock was born in 1687.

What stores can you buy shoes by Birkenstock?

By looking at the Germany's shoemaker United States website, their store locator lists stores that sell, repair shoes, and modify shoes by search with a full addresses, city and state, or zip code.

What is a dead head on a ship?

the people wearing patchwork clothes, Birkenstock shoes and have dredlocks at the formal dinner on a cruise , or an empty state room

When was Uwe-Karl Birkenstock born?

Uwe-Karl Birkenstock was born in 1989.

How can I get rid of my shoes smelling?

you wash you feet and get feet and shoes sanitizer

How do you wash flossy shoes?


How can you get the smell out of your soles?

Wash your shoes.

Can you wash Nike gym shoes?

yes, i washed my shoes in the wash and it worked great but dont put them in the dryer they get all wrinkly

Can you machine wash shoes?

yes you canYes, you may wash your shoes in your washing machine. I like doing it a lot. It is easy and fast : )

How do you wash your dc shoes?

One way you can wash your DC shoes is to put them in a washing machine. You can put them in a netted bag if you like.

Can i wash my shoes in a washer machine a house size washer?

Can I wash my Nike shoes in a whirlpool machine 8cycles 4speed combination

What stores in Paris sell Birkenstock sandals?

Boutique Birkenstock 16 Rue Sevigne 75004