Can you watch tv shows on iPad?

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Yes, you can watch tv shows on iPad, but they are not free. You either have to:
  • rent/buy movies on iTunes
  • play a tv show on youtube
  • or watch on hulu, but you can't get hulu on safari, you have to get the hulu application
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Watch tv shows online?

Some good web sites are TV shack and YouTube (sometimes). I use all of these sites and watch the episodes before they even come out where I live! It's really good. And they even teach you how to bypass the 72 minute MegaVideo limit! Don't worry you don't have to sign up for an account or do any s ( Full Answer )

What is the most watched TV show?

It entirely depends on which television season & even countryyou're inquiring about. For instance in America during the 2016-2017 Fall season, notcounting sports programming, The Big Bang Theory was the mostwatched show in America. Ratings numbers for other countries arenot readily available. - If b ( Full Answer )

How do TV networks know what shows you watch?

They know based on the Nielsen Ratings. These are basically an estimate based on a sample audience chosen by Nielsen. About 5,000 homes nationwide are hooked up with television set meters, which tell Nielsen what they are watching. Nielsen then estimates, based on the results from this small sampl ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch tv shows?

You can watch TV shows on a television. If you have cable, you willhave more choices than just network TV. You can also watch TV showson a computer or smartphone if you have Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, or other such services.

What is the least watched TV show?

i dont know it depends on what people like if you dont know why did you answer? the answer is "easy money" if you go from stats

Where can you watch uncensored tv shows?

Uncensored TV shows or uncensored versions of shows are availableon the Internet and a variety of streaming options (Netflix, Hulu,various Roku channels) Access will depend on which region of theworld the TV show was originally broadcast and the distributionchannel.)

Where can you watch the TV show 'Friends'?

E4 Channel 4 E4 + 1 Channel 4 +1 yes and heres some info: . Ok so friends began in 1994, before i was born in fact but i dont care! Because i have been watching since i was born just because my dad has watched like every episode since 1994 and things! If Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox or Lisa ( Full Answer )

Most watched tv show in the world?

Top Gear has approximately 350 million viewers worldwide, making it the most watched TV Show in the world. .

Where can i watch 90s tv shows?

Teen Nick is good place to watch TV shows from the 90's. You canalso watch TV Land and Nick at Nite for other classic 90's TVshows.

If you were a kid what TV show would you watch?

If I was a girl I would watch: Victorious, Shake it up, Hannah Montana Forever, Icarly,and Wizards of Waverly Place. If I were a boy I would watch: Codename kids nextdoor, Spongebob SquarePants, Teen Titans, ScoobyDoo, and Ben10.

Where can you watch Korean TV Shows?

Well, if you live in Korea, you can of course just watch it on television, but my suggestions are all for when you live outside of Korea in places like America or Canada, etc. First, you can find some on Youtube, usually broken up into ten minute pieces. It is sometimes frustrating to find al ( Full Answer )

Why do people watch tv shows they hate?

People watch tv shows they hate because they dont really care what they're watching. We generally watch something we are familiar with, whether we like it or not.

Where to watch The Office TV Show?

I used to watch The office TV Show from here . You can also watch it from here as well. This one is the best source to watch this show

Where can you watch LOST TV show?

You can watch it on Hulu. It has a lot of the episodes from Seasons 1-6, and Hulu has great quality. I always watch Lost on their. I like watching Lost on T.V. when they used to put it on ABC, but now since it has ended, they don't put the episodes on television anymore. All 6 seasons of lost are ( Full Answer )

How do you watch tv shows in the internet?

Today all major networks make their shows available online. You can go directly to,,,,,,,, Instead of going to each site individually, you can also try sites like, or, which bring con ( Full Answer )

What is the best show to watch on tv?

the office loveanime says: not only office it sucks, what about.... Chuck,Supernatural,Amazing race 15, the simpsons, family guy, south park, life unexpected, gossip girl, 90210, survivor heroes vs villans, wwe, 24, bones and more

Can you watch TV on an iPad and stream internet videos?

You can watch TV under videos(I don't mean short video TV I mean real shows.)You can watch YouTube videos from the Internet (safari) or the new and improved YouTube app exclusively for the iPad. Yes you can watch online movies unless Adobe is needed. You can stream live TV from a computer with a ( Full Answer )

What relationship does age have with the tv shows you watch?

Both my age and my gender have a lot to do with the TV shows that I prefer. I have been watching TV for a very long time (since Howdy Doody) which makes me very choosy about programs. I have a very low tolerance for "adolescent mentality" programming; I don't care much for car chases and shoot outs ( Full Answer )

What tv shows do teens watch?

ok so I'm a teen I'm 14 years old, my favorite shows are........ I love full house (ok i know a little babyish but i have loved this show since i was a baby! Pretty little liars (don't you just love Spencer omg she is the best) CSI Miami (Its getting so good) Degrassi Gigantic This ( Full Answer )

What tv shows do people watch in Ireland?

Well, just about anything - the same as you would in England or America or wherever you're writing this from. We watch American shows like Friends, Scrubs, Family Guy, South Park (I'm just naming my favs) we watch Irish soaps, English soaps, Australian soaps... the news... documentaries... I don't ( Full Answer )

What is the most watched animated TV show?

In terms of season rankings & viewership numbers, (In Americasince I don't have access to international numbers), FOX's Family Guy has been the most viewed animated program for thepast seven seasons (2008-2009 season through the 2014-2015 season).

What TV shows do goths watch?

True Goths do not have time for the plays on the television. We are too busy sacking Rome.

What is a cool tv show to watch?

Batman Beyond is. It is on the Hub. It is totally sweet! I love the action it has in it. And parents, Batman Beyond is animated, no cuss words, and it encourages people to do good things, like become a super hero and help people. It is awesome. Batman saves everyone. It is totally AWESOME.

Can you hook iPad to TV to watch TV shows?

Yes, if you are into sports. You just have to go to the app store and search ESPN for live TV. They have all kinds of varieties of sports. The best part is the app does not cost any money. It is FREE!

Is the TV show Flashpoint a good TV show to watch?

CBS's Flashpoint TV Show. Well, in my opinion Flashpoint is a pretty good TV show. Flashpoint is a SWAT Team TV show. It is a summer show, which aires on CBS. Yes, i would recommend this show to other people who are interested in Police type shows, Crime shows, or if you like watching people using ( Full Answer )

What are good tv shows to watch?

Some of my favourites are: the big bang theory how i met your mother the vampire diaries gossip girl the nine lives of chloe king life unexpected the secret life of the american teenager merlin once upon a time hart of dixie melissa and joey switched at birth drop dead diva ringer revenge i hate ( Full Answer )

Why is it a crime to watch tv shows online?

Going by computing law, it counts as theft. You pay a TV License to allow you to watch those shows on your TV, and if you don't pay that you're prosecuted. If you're not paying a license to watch the shows on your PC, then the company who creates it misses out on money from you viewing their show. ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to watch a TV PG show?

any age pg means viewer discresion is adviesed cuz some material may not be suitable for kids there is no age restriction parents are just advised to decide on weather they want there kids watchin it there maybe strong language like the a word or the d word

How many TV shows has a main character watch TV?

The odds are most likely 100% (or pretty darn close) that at least one time, every main character of every tv show that was made after TV became a mainstay in people's homes, was seen watching TV.

Where can you watch TV shows immediately after it airs on TV?

It depends on how "immediately" you mean, as in literally right after it airs can you watch it somewhere, No, presuming you didn't record it. I've noticed the Animation Domination shows from FOX are available OnDemand the next day, I don't know about other shows, but I would try OnDemand if you hav ( Full Answer )

Where can one watch the TV show Castle?

The official Website to watch Castle is ABC's Website. Other Websites might not have the copyright permissions to stream episodes of Castle, and therefore might not be legal to view.

Where can one watch TV shows for free?

One can watch TV shows for free on many of the networks websites. CTV, Global, NBC, FOX, and ABC all have many popular TV shows which one can watch for free.

What shows can be watched on Star Plus TV?

Star Plus TV is a Indian TV channel. Star TV hosts many different shows including the popular Ex GHar Banaunga and Veera. Star Player catchup TV online is available in some areas.

Where can one watch the TV show 'Weeds'?

This TV show can be watched on the SideReel website. The full episodes from all of the eight seasons of the show can be found to watch on this website.

What TV shows can I watch on TVNZ?

If one is looking information on shows that are available to watch on TVNZ, it would be suggested checking company's official website. It provides information where one is able to browse shows by genre, channels and from A to Z.

What is the best way to watch Filipino TV shows or movies on iPad?

The best way to watch Filipino TV daily shows or movies on iPad isto go for online store to get the full access of video. You canchoose either Pinoywow or YouTube online websites to watch the fulltelecast of Filipino daily shows and movies.