Can you watch tv with tv card?

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Yes. You would need to hook the cable/Satellite box cable up to the computer.

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Q: Can you watch tv with tv card?
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What type of adapter card allows you to watch tv using your PC?

TV Tuner Card

Why does one need a TV tuner card for their laptop?

A TV Tuner Card enables your laptop to receive TV signals and watch live TV on your laptop. You can watch recorded and streamed programs without this card.

What type of adapter card allows you to watch tv on the PC?

A TV Tuner Card allows your computer to receive television signals so you can watch TV on your PC. If you have satellite TV service, you can watch satellite TV on computer with a TV Tuner Card. A Tuner Card can be installed internally or externally, but it will still come with video ports that you can connect your satellite receiver to.

What type of adapter card allows you watch tv using your computer?

video capture card

What is the purpose of a TV Tuner Card?

For using your TV signals without the use of a separate TV monitor, we can directly watch it over the computer screen we use a tv tuner card. though having a tuner card is not sufficient, we need to have a cable subscription to watch TV.

Can you watch TV without attaching TV tuner card?

No because you will destroy your computer!

What can be connected to a TV tuner adapter card?

A tv source, such as cable tv, satellite, or an antenna. You install them to the card and it allows you to watch and record tv signals...

What type of adapter card allows you to watch TV using your computer?

PCI TV Tuner card, generally known as Internal TV Tuner Card. External TV Tuner devices are also available.

How can I watch TV on my windows xp using the TV cable?

You would need to have a TV card installed into your computer to be able to watch digital and analogue channels on your computer.

What do you do when your board because your sick?

Watch TV, play a (trading) card game, sleep

Can you watch regular tv on a PC?

yes by using tv tunner card or quick time sofwares

What do I need to watch the contents of a memory card on my hdtv?

There are several methods -- a TV with a card reader or through a device like a camcorder than can output to a tv.

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