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No, puppies should not be weaned until they are around 4 or 6 weeks old. 2 weeks old is simply far too young for weaning. They should not leave home until they are 8 weeks old.

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Q: Can you wean the puppies at 2 weeks?
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When do puppies wean?

Usually six weeks

How old do puppies have to be to wean?

6 to 7 weeks

What age should i wean puppies?

6 to 7 weeks

How long before you wean the puppies?

You should usually wait 8 weeks before you wean a puppy.

How long does it take to wean puppies?

Eight to ten weeks is the norm.

When to wean Great Dane puppies?

at 8 weeks old. no longer no less.if you wean them too early it will cause them to bite a lot of things

Can you wean puppies before 4 weeks?

This may not be a good idea. The puppies may not be ready to stop nursing quite yet.

How long do you keep mom away from puppies when you are starting to wean them?

well i think 9 weeks

At what age do animals wean?

depends on the animal, like guinea pigs wean at about 2 weeks and dogs should wean about 6-8 weeks whereas African elephants don't wean for about 2 years.

When to wean puppies?

Its best to start around 3 to 4 weeks,then by 5 to 6 weeks they are ready for puppy food (Dry) by that age.

When do you wean Jack Russell puppies?

I believe a good time to wean a puppy is around 6-8 weeks of age, that's when a lot of people wean their pups and that is why most breeders don't sell the puppies until they are that age. Or if you are like some people, you can just wean the pups when the mom starts to refuse to feed them.

How long do puppies nurse?

We wean our small breed puppies at 5 weeks, by 5 weeks of taking care of puppies the moms are sooooo ready to be done taking care of puppies! As long as they have some teeth 5 weeks is good, just make sure that they are eating, if they are "teacup" pups they nurse up to around 8 weeks.

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