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Actually many think you cannot wear denim on denim, but actually you can. If your willing to try this trend the idea is to make sure you have a denim jacket that fits your frame and get the proportions right. Also, make sure the denim material does not match, do a lighter color and a darker color or vice versa. For inspiration chack out some celebs it was in around this season, or check InStyle magazine, it is a fashion bible!

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What jeans do hippies wear?

Bell bottoms or flares, usually pale blue denim.

What color matches both orange and blue?

well it depends if you are wearing a orange and blue sjirt you can wear denim jeans or orange or blue shorts or jeans.

Are people that wear Alabama jackets and blue jeans gay?

yes if there austin

What color pants can you wear with a silver shoes?

denim and black === === I think maybe either grey skinny jeans (Or if you're not to fond of skinny jeans like me) you could wear dark blue denim jeans that are flaired. It depends on if the shoes are heels, or flats, or wedges or whatever other kind of shoes there is.

Can you wear jeans with brogues shoes?

yes, but black jeans a definete no no. wear them with skinny navy blue denim, and a floral top. hope this helps x x x x x

When is it ok to wear denim on denim?

Formula is to combine A heavy washed out , bleached look denim shirt or a dress with a DEEPER indigo bottom or a RAW BLUE JEANS, It gives a classic , premium ,chic look!

Do the people of Ireland wear blue jeans?

Yes they wear blue jeans.

What brand denim jeans salman khan wear?

Boot caught

What clothes you wear that start with J?

Jumpsuits, jeans, jackets,

What does John Malkovich wear in Of Mice and Men?

blue denim hat blue denim suspendersblack shoes

What is prodigy's favorite thing to wear?

Custom jackets and designer jeans

What kinds of clothes do people wear in Denmark?

they wear jackets and jeans or other long pant

What is Demin made from?

Denim is a fabric. It was originated in France. French name of the fabric is converted in American word, denim. It is cotton twill textile.It is also known by the name 'jeans'. Denim fabric is usually used for work clothes. It gives comfort ness. It is durable also. Generally, mechanics and painters wear the work clothes made by blue denim. Denim fabric is unique in colour i.e. blue. It is woven with fine white warp threads and little bit heavier blue weft threads. The weave structure is twill. Because of the twill weave, fabric is very strong. In the traditional denim the blue weft is dyed with Indigo. Now days denim is woven with stretch threads for the change in the fabric. Denim is highly popular fabric due to its hardwearing nature. Denim jackets, jeans, long skirts, pleated minis and shirts are available in the market. It does not require frequent washing and hence most of the people like it.

What does the chupacabra wear?

El Chupacabra wears a white tall-T and Denim jeans.

What is Taylor Swifts chose to were to a party?

Taylor swift wear a jeans and jackets..

Who refused to wear blue jeans because he had to wear them when he was poor growing up?

Elvis Presley refused to wear blue jeans because he had to wear them growing up. He said only poor kids had to wear jeans.

What color shoes do you wear with blue jeans?

Any type or color of Shoes would look good with blue jeans.I wear sneakers. But you could wear just about any kind of shoes with blue jeans. Especially if your blue jeans are a dark color or a very light color.

What did people wear before blue jeans?

Blue jeans are made from Denim (also called Serge) which is a particular type of cotton cloth; prior to the development of Denim cotton, cloth was woven in a style called "Duck Cloth" which is a lighter form of canvas. Another cottton weave was called Hickory cloth. A cotton weave from India was called Dungaree; however this word is now often used in reference to Denim cloth.

What are the best brand of denim jeans to wear with Jordan's?

Levi's Original 501s.

How can you clean a pink pearl eraser?

Simple. Take anything denim, If I'm sitting in class; I always wear denim so I take the eraser and "erase" it on my jeans. (Don't worry it has never harmed my jeans.)

What are the colors that are best to wear at a theme park?

what ever suits you i would wear a pair of white or denim jeans with a black,pink or purple(girl) jeans with a red,dark blue or black t-shirt(boy) wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in a lot and that don't fall of quickly or easily

Can I choose any jean trousers to wear to the work place and are all jeans denim?

yes you can choose, and it is not necessary that all jeans are of denim, there are jeans available in cotton, silk linen, leather and many different fabric. you can choose any whatever is comfortable to you.

What to wear on the first day of 8Th grade?

Well you should wear something based on your personality... SHY- a ruffled top(any color), blue denim jeans, and sneakers OUT-GOING- a shoulder showing shirt, blue denim jeans, and black vans SPORTY- A fitted shirt with a number on the back, sporty shorty with leggings underneath, and sneakers GIRLY-GIRL- fitted shirt, vintage vest, ruffled skirt, flower in hair, and slip-ons TOM BOY- regular shirt or plain black/blue jacket, skinny jeans, vans

In the book the outsiders what do the greasers often wear?

Greasers usually wore leather jackets, faded blue jeans, jeans jackets and vests, solid t-shirts and tank tops, usually white or black. They wore old converse and tenis shoes. And don't forget that hair grease.

Do stretch denim jackets stretch a bit after a lot of wear?

I would guess that anything "stretchy" will fit looser if it was very tight after a lot of wear!

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