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NO you should never wear a tampon while pregnant as it is an infection risk. If you have a discharge (as many women do) wear a napkin. If your loss is so heavy that you feel you need a tampon it is not normal and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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No, tampons should never be used when not menstruating.

Tampons absorb vaginal moisture causing drying and micro-tears in vaginal tissues that allow bacterial toxins responsible for TSS direct access to your bloodstream, using tampons without menstruating means more damage and thus higher risk of TSS. Tampons are also a major cause of vaginal infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis and yeast infections, which aren't ideal in pregnancy.

If you have excessive vaginal discharge it may be an infection to talk to your doctor, you can use menstrual cups or softcups to deal with this but it's best to use liners, pads or period underwear.

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Q: Can you wear tampons while pregnant?
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Can you wear tampons on your period while pregnant?

A pregnant lady STOPS having periods! That's HOW she knows she's pregnant most of the time - cos her period doesn't show up. And doesn't show up for nine months! So why would she need to wear tampons when she's pregnant, cos she shouldn't be having periods during that time!

Do monkeys wear tampons?

No, monkeys don't wear tampons. Only humans wear tampons.

Can you wear a tampon while pregnant?

No, you cannot wear tampons when pregnant.You should only use tampons during menstruation or withdrawal bleeds - if you're bleeding during pregnancy heavy enough to warrant tampon use then you need to seek immediate medical care. Tampons can't be used when not menstruating because without menstrual flow tampons will absorb more vaginal discharge resulting in drying out and damaging vaginal tissues - this increases risk of TSS. Tampons also increase risk of vaginal infections which is not something you want when pregnant.

Do you have to wear tampons for WWE divas?

No, they wear their own tampons.

What does an Orthodox Jewish woman wear while menstruating?

Tampons and pads

Can tampons stop a girl from getting pregnant?

No, tampons do not stop a girl from getting pregnant. Tampons are a menstrualhygiene product, they are not a form of contraception.

What if you use a tampom while you are pregnant?

WHAT?! There's no need!! Tampons are for when you have your period ONLY! What on Earth would you need a tampon for if your pregnant?!

Did not know you were pregnant and used tampons?

There is no harm in using tampons when you're pregnant, although pregnancy usually doesn't require tampons. Don't worry about it.

You only bleed blood one day but when you go to the restroom no blood comes out but your tampon has blood on it can you still be pregnant?

You cannot menstruate while pregnant - menstruation only occurs if you don't fall pregnant - but you can experience bleeding while pregnant such as implantation bleeding. If you suspect that you may be pregnant then take a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant or not. Do not use tampons when your flow is light like this, it is dangerous and irresponsible to misuse tampons like this.

Wear tampons in the pool not having your period?

NEVER wear tampons when not menstruating - it's not safe and no need.

Should you put a tampon in when your pregnant?

No, tampons should not be used when not menstruating - if you're pregnant then you do not menstruate and thus no reason at all for you to use tampons. Tampons used when not menstruating can be painful and will increase your risk of developing vaginal infections and well as Toxic Shock Syndrome.If you're bleeding while pregnant you need to talk to your doctor or go to hospital.

Can you wear thongs while PREGNANT?

Yes you can, i am pregnant and that's all I wear. They make "pregnant" thongs for when you reach 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Is it safe to use tampons while pregnant?

No, it's not safe to use tampons while pregnant. During pregnancy you do not menstruate so have no need for tampons, if you're experiencing bleeding during pregnancy you need to talk to a doctor and to deal with blood use pads. Tampons pose high risk of vaginal infections and TSS, also without knowing how heavy bleeding will be you may use too high an absorbency.

Can you wear tampons in water?


Can a 10 year old girl get pregnAnt with tampons?

Tampons cannot get anyone pregnant. To be blunt, the only way that a 10 year old girl could get pregnant would be if a man was to rape her.

Can you wear a magnetic bracelet while pregnant?

Yes you can.

Can you use tampons while pregnant?

No, you cannot use tampons when pregnant.For a start if you're pregnant then you're not going to be menstruating - women can bleed during pregnancy but it's not the same as menstruation and you will not know your flow pattern well enough to know what absorbency to use so using tampons at this time increases TSS risk. If you do experience bleeding during pregnancy it's important that you talk to your doctor immediately as bleeding could be a sign of a serious problem with your pregnancy.Tampons shouldn't be worn when pregnant because there is a higher risk of infections too - during pregnancy your risk of vaginal infections is already higher and it can be more difficult to treat while pregnant - tampons increase risk of infections so it's far from ideal when pregnant.

Why is it harmfull to the baby if you wear tight jeans while pregnant?

I think it can be if they're extremely tight. You should wear loose fitting clothing. You should always be one hundred percent comfortable in anything you wear while pregnant.

Do men wear tampons?

if they feel like it

Will you get an infection if you wear a pad to long?

No but tampons do.

When can you wear a tampon?

Tampons can be worn when you have a full regular menstrual flow.Tampons cannot be worn before your period.Tampons cannot be worn with light flow or spotting.Tampons cannot be worn overnight while sleeping.Tampons cannot be worn with a vaginal infection.

Why do girls wear tampons?

Girls wear tampons to deal with their menstrual flow during menstruation. Tampons go into the vagina to absorb flow before it leaves the body in order to prevent it showing on their clothing. Some women choose to use tampons instead of other options like menstrual cups and menstrual pads.

Can you go swimming when you have your period and you don't use tampons but i use pads? have to wear a tampon while swimming on your period, or do not swim at all.

Should you wear a tampon when receiving a massage though your period is not on?

No, tampons should only be used when you're on your period. Never use when not menstruating as this will be uncomfortable and potentially increase your risk of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome. There's absolutely no reason to use tampons when not on your period, having a massage makes no difference: there's no reason why you should need to use tampons while having a massage.

Are you supposed to wear tampons while swimming?

No, you're not supposed to use tampons while swimming.If you're menstruating then you need to use internal menstrual products such as tampons, menstrual sponges, softcups, or menstrual cups - this is so that the blood doesn't leave your body and end-up in the pool. Menstrual cups are the best option for swimming as they're safer than tampons and don't leak like tampons. If you're not menstruating then you shouldn't use tampons at all and there's no need to use tampons when you are swimming if not on your period.