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No. If you are in the USA without the permission of the US Government, why would you think it would be "all right " for you to work in the USA?

Firstly, there was no need for snooty remark. Secondly, the question was whether you need a Green Card to work. The is no. You need a work permit.

US Federal law requires all employers to furnish proof that everyone they hire is legally allowed to work in the US. The employer can be fined up to $100,000 per employee for violations, so they are careful. You will either need to prove you are a US citizen (usually a picture id such as driver's license AND a social security card) or that you are a legal resident by presenting a valid Alien Registration card(called a green card.) This is for any job, from busboy to medical doctor.

I have only heard the term "work permit" used in the US to apply to citizens who are under 16.

If you are not a US citizen, you need either a VISA (E, H, J, L, etc.) or a Green Card. Visa's typically have very specific rules and time limits attached. Green Cards are issued to people who have moved to the US permanently. Often people move to the US to work using a visa program and then apply for permanent resident status.

You can if you have valid Visa like H1B, B1 etc. If you don't have any visa neither a green card, then it is quite risky to work here. Even employers who employ illegals are fined 100,000 $ even unknowingly. Green Card is not the only visa which gives you the right to work in US.

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Q: Can you work for an insurance company without a green card?
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