Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can your 16 year old leave and go live with her grandmother out of state without your permission in the state of New York?


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No, they must have permission. Otherwise they are a runaway and the police can return them to their home.

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Not in the state of Georgia. They are not yet adults and need to be 18 before you can leave without their permission.

No a teenage mother can not leave her parents house , without their permission in the state of Kansas.

Not without permission from your parole officer.

No, but you can leave home at 18 without needing your parents permission.

As he is waiting a trial he can not leave the state without the permission of the judge. He may be a habitual murderer.

No, they are not an adult in Missouri. Until they are 18, they cannot leave the state without parental permission.

No, they are not an adult in Illinois. Until they are 18, they cannot move out without parental permission.

In the state of Texas you can leave home at the age of 17. (without parental consent; meaning with their permission)

No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

I think so, however you will need the courts permission for the child to visit you and leave their home state.

No, they cannot move without permission in Ohio. Either the parents have to consent or there is a court order.

Not without permission from the North Korean governemnt, and this is very rarely given.

As in relocating, not without the permission of the court.

A state cannot leave the Union without being granted permission from the federal government. Some states have tried but it has never been done.

A minor can not legally leave the state without parental permission so this changes nothing.

No. In most states you cannot even leave the county without permission from your probation officer. Some states allow you to leave the county, but not the state.

No, then you would be running away. Once you're 18 you can leave your parents behind

Pregnant without permission or marriage without permission? That's not very specific.

Not without parental permission. And you will not be able to rent a room or apartment at 16, you have to be an adult.

The simplest way is to have permission. Without it, you really have to wait until you are an adult.

all depends on what state you live in In every state a 17-year-old is a minor. If you leave home without parental permission then your parents can, and probably will, report you as a runaway.

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