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Can your betta fish die from tap water?


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September 03, 2007 2:32PM

Yes, but the remedy is simple. Your pet store should be able to sell you conditioning drops which you add to the water and it's instantly habitable. The bottle will supply the dosage; generally, the method is to scoop out a cup or two of water every couple of days, and replace it with fresh water plus the drops.

Another idea: Keeping the water "correct" for my betta fish was probably the biggest problem I had! That is, UNTIL I discovered that buying the real, pure bottled water (not the bottled water that is really someone else's tap water) - true spring water - will solve that problem! I began using the bottled spring water along with the Aquari-Sol drops, and the water was fine for the fish.

After I had enjoyed my two darling, beautiful betta fish for seven or eight months, they began having health problems. I spent two or three months trying my very best to restore them to good health, but lost the battle. I really believe that I should have put a living plant into the aquarium water with them. (Yes, I kept the two fish in separate tanks because they were both males--one beautiful red fish and one gorgeous blue.) I recommend that you, and anyone else with bettas, put a healthy, living plant into the tank with your fish. I believe the plant helps keep the water purified for the good health of the fish.

There are many good Internet sites for betta lovers. I was looking through my stored sites, and could only find two of the ones I used. I wasted money buying a couple of ebooks for betta information, when I discovered later that all the information in the books is available free on the Internet at the various betta sites. See the related links for two websites.

I hope your bettas live longer than mine did! They are very interesting to watch, and fun to try to teach tricks to! If you provide frequent "stimulation" to yours, perhaps you can teach one of yours to ring a bell outside of the tank, as I failed to do. My Red came very close to it, I think. (Blue was afraid of the sound.) When I say stimulation, I mean frequent visits, talking to yours, perhaps touching yours, getting very close to him. Always talk to him, when you are near. Just from my own experience, I believe it increases their intelligence.