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Can your betta fish die from tap water?

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Yes, but the remedy is simple. Your pet store should be able to sell you conditioning drops which you add to the water and it's instantly habitable. The bottle will supply the dosage; generally, the method is to scoop out a cup or two of water every couple of days, and replace it with fresh water plus the drops.

Another idea: Keeping the water "correct" for my betta fish was probably the biggest problem I had! That is, UNTIL I discovered that buying the real, pure bottled water (not the bottled water that is really someone else's tap water) - true spring water - will solve that problem! I began using the bottled spring water along with the Aquari-Sol drops, and the water was fine for the fish.

After I had enjoyed my two darling, beautiful betta fish for seven or eight months, they began having health problems. I spent two or three months trying my very best to restore them to good health, but lost the battle. I really believe that I should have put a living plant into the aquarium water with them. (Yes, I kept the two fish in separate tanks because they were both males--one beautiful red fish and one gorgeous blue.) I recommend that you, and anyone else with bettas, put a healthy, living plant into the tank with your fish. I believe the plant helps keep the water purified for the good health of the fish.

There are many good internet sites for betta lovers. I was looking through my stored sites, and could only find two of the ones I used. I wasted money buying a couple of ebooks for betta information, when I discovered later that all the information in the books is available free on the Internet at the various betta sites. See the related links for two websites.

I hope your bettas live longer than mine did! They are very interesting to watch, and fun to try to teach tricks to! If you provide frequent "stimulation" to yours, perhaps you can teach one of yours to ring a bell outside of the tank, as I failed to do. My Red came very close to it, I think. (Blue was afraid of the sound.) When I say stimulation, I mean frequent visits, talking to yours, perhaps touching yours, getting very close to him. Always talk to him, when you are near. Just from my own experience, I believe it increases their intelligence.

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Can a beta survive in tap water?

Tap water is the best water for betta fish! There is no need to go out and buy expensive betta fish's no different then tap! If you want to be sure that the tap water is safe for your betta, put in some sort of conditioner for the water.

What water is better for a betta fish?

The best water to keep your betta fish in is water from the tap that has been treated with a dechlorinatior. This removes harmful chemicals from the water but leaves behind all the minerals that betta fish need.

Do Betta fish drink spring water?

Some people do not believe it but the best water to use in your betta fish tank is tap water. Bottled and distilled water has been "purified" and does not have the minerals that your Betta fish needs. If your tap water is so bad that you do not even drink it, than use spring water.

Do betta fish shed?

If you are using tap water for the bowl without conditioner parts of the betta will start to "shed". If you aren't using conditioner then I recommend to go to a pet store and get "betta fish conditioner" that protects against tap water.

Can i use tap water and boil it for betta fish?

No, you need a saltwater tank.

What is the drop you put in a fish yank to clean tap water?

betta h20 conditioner

Will a betta fish die if it is in tap water?

If the tap water is straight from the tap without either having its temperature adjusted to match the fishes current temperature and if the tap water has not either been standing for a few hours (Chlorine is a gas and will evaporate off given time) or treated with some form of chlorine remover the water will harm the fish. If you do the required things ie let the tap water stand and adjust its temperature your fish will have no problems with tap water.

How long can betta fish live in tap water before they die?

My betta fish has been living in tap water for about two weeks and he has been fine. But I have been having to let it stand overnight but that is no problem. I have two fish bowls so the night before I change the water, I put tap water in the other fish bowl and let it sit overnight. The next morning, I take my betta out of its old bowl and put him in the one that has been sitting overnight. Now at first, your betta might stay to the edges. but soon he will start to get usted to it. It is good if you change the water every 3 to 4 days to keep your fishbowl smelling fresh. If you follow this cycle you would save some money from buying chemicals to take it out. It is also good to put a live rock in the bowl to keep the water cleaner longer. But your betta wont die if you put him in tap watter that has st for 8 hours.

Can betta fish live in bottled water?

Yes they can live in bottled water but not tap water unless you treat it with dechlorination drops.

How do you tell if my betta fish is suffering?

Well betta fish cannot be in tap water. It's like poison to them. They have to have treated water. I found out my betta was suffering when he wouldn't eat anything. Betta like to be out in the open so they can see movement and action. The living room is a good place.

Do you put a betta fish in normal water?

you can buy a certain type of drops to put in the regular tap water at walmart

Can you just put the saltwster fish in tap water with salt?

No you can not because tap water has chorine that makes fish die

How do you clean a betta tank?

take 30% water out srub with a new sponge rise gravel and add tap water use tap water contioner then pour the fish back in

Why would a fish die from going to salt water to tap water?

Well, first thing is tap water is freshwater and saltwater fish die in freshwater and vice versa. Secondly there are amounts of chlorine in tap water to make it safe for us which is deadly to fish.

Can betta fishs have filltered water?

Yes, but a Betta is better off in dechlorinated tap water.

Can you use tap water for betta fish?

Provided the Chlorine is removed by either letting the water stand or the use of a water "conditioner" there is absolutely nothing wrong with tap water. The vast majority of aquarists use it.

What kind of tank does a betta fish need?

They just need tap water but you need to buy a special purifier for the water at the pet store.

Why do betta fish need water condioner?

Yes! All fresh water fish need water conditioner, or in some cases distilled water works fine, since tap water contains chemicals such as Chlorine that will kill your fish.

What kind of water do you put in your betta fish bowl?

Regular tap water is fine as long as you use Declor first to remove the harmful chlorine.

Can you put a betta in tap water?

From my experience, betta fish can live in tap water as long as it has been treated for chlorine. Pet stores sell drops that remove chlorine - just make sure you read the instructions because the water may have to sit for an hour before it's habitable.

What can you do for fresh water?

If you are talking about fish, I have a betta fish, and usually you use tap water, I do. Also if you would like to have safer water for the fish then you can use cleaners that you can buy at pretty much any pet store. I hope this helped!

How long can your betta fish survive in tap water?

Until old age - if your tap water is safe for you to drink, it's safe for your fish, BUT you need to use aquarium water conditioner such as Prime or Amquel (for example) per the dosage recommendations on the bottle each time you do a water change.

How do you get a betta fish to stop fighting with his reflection?

tap on the place it is looking at and will be scared

Can you boil tap water and put it in your betta fish tank?

Yes you can but I don't know what you hope to achieve by doing it. All you will do is reduce the amount of oxygen in the water and make it harder for the fish to breathe.

Does Betta fish water have to sit out if it is tap water?

sitting the water out overnight de-chlorinates it. chlorine is very bad for fish. and litting the water sit lets it evaporate. it also saves you money from having to buy them bottles that dechlorinate for you.