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I assume you mean that he would have a separate policy so any claim would not show up on your record. Ask your agent about non-owner coverage, but I think it would be secondary to your policy.

2015-07-15 18:33:43
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What do you need to carry while driving in Europe?

A driving license and insurance would be the most important things to have.

What is a combined life insurance company?

Combined Insurance is a global provider of supplemental insurance, including accident insurance, life insurance and critical care coverage. Combined Insurance operates in North America, Latin America, Europe and the Pacific. The company is headquartered in Glenview, Illinois.

Is Willis Insurance available in Europe?

"Willis Insurance, a popular insurance broker, is available in Europe. Recently Willis Insurance said they had acquired 100 shares of a Polish insurance broker."

Does Tunisia come under Europe for travel insurance?

Does Tunisia come under Europe for travel insurance

Is Tenerife classed as Europe for insurance?

Tenerife is a Spanish island, so it would be covered under insurance relating to Europe.

Which mainstream insurance companies provide travel insurance packages to Europe?

Many mainstream insurance companies provide travel insurance packages to Europe. Some of those companies are allienztravelinsurance, insuremytrip and aviantitravelinsurance.

When applying for holiday insurance to Turkey do you say its insurance for Europe?

turkey is in asia

Will a speeding ticket gotten in Europe affect your driving record in the US?

will a speeding ticket in Europe affect my U.S. driving record?

Is Titan auto insurance sold in Europe?

No, unfortunately Titan auto insurance is only restricted to United States of America. It is not sold in Europe. But there are other types of auto insurances in Europe.

Is travel insurance mandatory to Europe?

Yes it is.

What companies provide cheap travel insurance in Europe?

Many companies provide cheap travel insurance in Europe. Some examples of companies that provide this insurance include Roam Right and Insure My Trip.

Is Tunisia classed as Europe when booking holiday insurance?

Tunisia is in Northern Africa - not Europe.

What does comprehensive insurance cover?

Can you recommend a UK insurance company that deals with comprehensive insurance policy for a consigment from Asia to Europe

What are some good car insurance companies in Europe?

Some car insurance companies in Europe are recommended on the Money Supermarket site. Their recommendations include AA, Admiral, Churchill, Esure, Saga, and RAC Insurance.

Is Skiathos covered by Europe holiday insurance?

The international card for medical insurance is valid in Geece.

What were the leading causes of death in 1350?

In Europe: Plague Accident Malnutrition

Is Tunisia in Europe for holiday insurance?

No, Tunisia is in Africa.

Is Fuerteventura part of Europe for holiday insurance purposes?

Fuerteventura is part of Spain, which is member of EU, so indeed, you just need insurance for Europe (European Union).

Is Poland counted as Europe for travel insurance purposes?

Poland is just in middle of Europe. The country is also a member of EU and insurance conditions are equal in all EU.

Where can one find travel insurance for Europe?

Travelex and FrontierMEDEX offer travel insurance for Europe and other destinations on their sites. Popular credit card companies, including American Express, also offer travel insurance.

Are there border stops in Europe if driving?

Not inside EU.

What medical requirements do you need to enter Europe?

As far as travel to Europe there are no health restrictions from the USA to Europe. They do want you to have medical insurance or medical travel insurance. The medical in most of Europe is modern and comparable to USA. If you are taking a pet, dog or cat, they must be certified by a Veterinarian.

Is life insurance higher in Europe than it is in the United States?

Depending on the insurance company life insurance rates in Europe can be the same or higher than rates in the US. The individual case also has a lot to do with how much the annual rate turns out to be.

What is the average deductible for medical travel insurance in Europe?

The average deductible for medical travel insurance in Europe depends on specific aspects of the traveler and the trip. Age of the traveler, length of the trip, and medical limits all factor into the deductible of the insurance.

Where should I apply to get backpacker travel insurance?

You can go to an insurance agency and find out what to do. I believe you dont have to apply in Europe since it is just a visit or a trip. But if you lived in Europe and you would be backpacking then yes you would get it there. But as long as you have the insurance where you live, then you are fine.