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Yes it can, but since you've gottemn back in compliance, it would be very unusual.

That said, BK is not just to give you another chance to make up for your prior failings, but for you to understand that not paying as agreed...which is when others are counting on you, not performing on your promises, for whatever reason, is totally unacceptable. To continue to expect others to continue to protect you from the consequences of it will wear out soon.

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Can a title pledge lender refuse to take a payment?

If the payment is late or not in full, then yes. If the payment is on time and in full, then no.

In New Jersey can the mortgage company demand full payment if you become late or past due after chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes...AFTER BK provides NO protection or change in you obligation

What happens if you are late on chapter 13 payments in the state of Georgia?

If you are late on a chapter 13 payment you are at risk of having your case dsmissed. Please try to make payments on time and make payments up if you missed any due to a miscommunication.

If a creditor accepts a parcel payment can they report it late the credit agencies?

Yes, it is considered late because you didn't pay the full amount due. Plus, they can add late fees on as well.

Can you be evicted if you are late with the full amount of rent but r making payments?

Vague, confusing question. If the LL accepts a late partial payment, he can still sue the tenant for non payment. UNLESS he writes new contract stating he will not do so.

Can an Auto Ins Company Charge a late fee without your knowledge and only find out when you are 4 days late on a payment?

i am late on payment for auto insurance what can i do.

If a Chapter 7 is dismissed can the finance companies go back and add late fees and finance charges?

If the court dismissed your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it has the same effect as if the case had never been filed. The creditor is free to all interest and penalties allow under the contract or by law. And to be clear, even in BK they have the right to claim these (presuming they were in the loan agreement)....and normally do. They may receive a lower priority, and the Courts tend to discharge late/penalty items as a matter of course, and allow only limited interest...basically giving the debtor a substantial you may have lost by doing whatever got your case dismissed.

What happens when a card holder makes a late payment?

It depends on the circumstances. Often, card companies will forgive a 'one-off' late payment. Subsequent lapses will result in a late payment fee - usually an expensive 'mistake' !

Where can you refinance if you had a chapter 13 that was dismissed and have your late mother's debt on your credit report causing liens on your house?

There are many lenders including FHA that you can do a refinance through after or even during a chapter 13. With FHA from the time the chapter 13 is intituted the owner of the property must make on time payments for one year. During the chapter 13 the new loan amount must equal the present payment. As for your mothers debt if the home is liened they must be payed off at closing unless you can go to court and prove the creditors had no right to lien the property. A very expensive and time consuming proposition.

How to delete late payment?


Are late payment of taxes deductible?


Do car dealers charge late fees?

Yes, if you pay your car payment at a car dealers office they will charge a late fee. Anytime a payment is late, the dealer has a tight to charge late fees.

What does 'payment in arrears' mean?

It is a payment that is unpaid and/or overdue (late).

If you are late on your loan payment and are a cosigner on your daughters car can they repposses the car?

If you are late on your loan payment and are a cosigner on your daughters car can they repposses the car?

How do you explain late payments?

When you are late on your payment for a credit card, car loan, mortgage, etc... these "creditors" can report this late payment to the credit bureau that they have a relationship with (either Trans Union, Experian, or Equifax).These credit bureaus in turn stick it on your credit report which negatively affects your credit score.There are30 day late payment items,60 day late payment items,and 90 day late payment items.Many people remove these items by disputing them with the credit bureau (the credit bureau then has 30 days to go back to the creditor to verify the late payment). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

When is your mortage late?

Technically you are late if you make your payment anytime after the due date. The vast majority of mortgages are due on the 1st of the month. Most mortgage companies will not assess a late fee unless you are 15 or more days late. At that point the normal late fee will be 5% of your regular mortgage payment. The lender will not report the late payment to a credit bureau until you are 30 days late.

Is the co-signers credit affected if a monthly payment is late?

Yes. The co-signers credit can be affected if a monthly payment is late. He may also owe late fees.

Are late fees removed from the balance when paid with a regular payment?

Yes, for most loans. For most loans, the late fee is added to the minimum payment required (and the balance at the time of incurring the late fee) and will be deducted from the balance once the payment is received.

Can a mother contest a late fathers will even though it was made after they divorced?

She can, but like it will be dismissed.

After a chapter 7 bankruptcy can mortgages report late payments?

Yes, late payments on mortgages can be reported. The chapter 7 discharges all unsecured debts, except for student loans, child support and certain taxes, and any balance due on secured debt after the collateral has been surrendered and sold. If you reaffirmed the mortgage and failed to make payments during or after the chapter 7, that can be reported. Late payments can also be reported. Many states prevent penalties for late payments if the payment is made within a certain number of days, but they can still be reported as late if not made on or before the due date.

Can you be late with your layaway payment to Kmart?

hell no!

When you mail your credit card payment on the due date your payment will be considered what?

Your payment will be late, if it does not arrive on or before the due date.

I have unfiled tax returns, what can I do?

Filing a past due return may not be as difficult as you think. Taxpayers should file all tax returns that are due, regardless of whether or not full payment can be made with the return. Depending on an individual's circumstances, a taxpayer filing late may qualify for a payment plan. All payment plans require continued compliance with all filing and payment responsibilities after the plan is approved. However, full payment of taxes saves you money.

What if you are thirty day late on a payment?

The creditor can charge you a late payment fee and report you late to the credit bureaus. One 30 day late payment can lower your credit score 90 points and cause you higher interest rates and cost you more money in the future. You can try to contact your creditor and ask to have the late payment removed if you have paid on time. You can also dispute it to the credit bureaus and try to have it removed that way.

How does a late payment on an apartment lease affect your credit rating?

Late Payment on Apartment LeaseA lease will not show on your credit report; unless there was a judgment against you.