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Persons charged with a criminal offense are entitled to representation regardless of their financial situation. That is the job of court appointed PDA's or Guardian Ad Litems for those persons who cannot afford private counsel. The ability to afford private representation is usually determined by the presiding judge. Persons involved in civil matters such as creditor lawsuits, personal injury and so forth are not entitled to such representation unless they can obtain a pro bono attorney or qualify for legal aid assistance.

2006-07-19 18:44:55
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Q: Can your civil rights be violated by the justice system if you cannot afford a lawyer?
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What happens when the accused cannot afford a lawyer?

In the United States, if someone cannot afford a lawyer, they can have one provided for them free of charge. This is a right for all citizens.

What kind of a house can a criminal justice lawyer have?

He can have any kind that he can afford.

What is an example of the sixth amendment being violated?

if a judge doesnt appoint a lawyer for you if you cant afford 1

Does the state of Oregon provide free lawyers for people who cannot afford one?

Every state in the U.S. is required to provide a lawyer to people who cannot afford one.

What if you cannot afford to pay a lawyer any more money in a divorce?

Offer to sleep with them as payment

As the defendant in an ex parte hearing do i need a lawyer present?

Answer Absolutely, if you can afford one. It depends on what the issue is too. If you cannot affort a lawyer, sometimes you can find one that will do "pro bono" work which is free help for someone who is in need of a lawyer and cannot afford one. If you cannot get a lawyer and, depending on what the ex parte hearing is about, you will just have to be present and tell the court that you couldn't get a lawyer so it will be on record. You could also ask for time to obtain a lawyer and the court may or may not grant the extension of time. Good luck.

What is a court appointed attorney lawyer?

A court appointed attorney is a defense lawyer that is paid for by state governments. They are appointed to people facing criminal charges who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

Sentence for justice?

To Get Justice You Need A Lawyer. And

I am in violation of my probation in Eaton county and I am going to be sentenced to jail.Can I have a lawyer represent me?

Yes, you should always have a lawyer represent you in court. If you cannot afford one, the state will provide one for you.

Can a lawyer afford a Lamborghini?

I can I can't.

Which Amendment gives Americans the right to a lawyer?

The 6th amendment of the United States Constitution provides Americans the right to have a lawyer present if you have been charged with a crime. It has more recently been determined that if you cannot afford a lawyer, a court appointed lawyer will be provided.

If a child is charged with shoplifting should it get a lawyer?

If going to court, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed. If a child is innocent, get a lawyer. If a child is guilty, you should get the appointed one, and plead guilty.

Pro bono lawyer in la crosse wi?

For a criminal case, contact the Public Defender's office; you must be facing possible jail time, and you must show that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. For civil cases, contact one of the legal aid offices in the La Crosse area. Again, you will have to show that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The related link below has links to these offices; scroll down to "Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral."

What happens if a suspect wants a lawyer but cannot afford to hire one?

One will be appointed by the courts (after the suspect completes paperwork which includes an income statement).

How do you file a complaint against an executor?

Answer You find a lawyer to do it for you. Find a Probate lawyer, call or message him if through a website. Many of them will give you a free consultation and you can decide what to do from that point. There are plenty of situations where executors have no business being executors of an estate so find yourself a lawyer and do whatever you need to do if things are not right. If you cannot afford a lawyer, contact the bar association in your state. Many states have organizations, legal aid, to assist people who cannot afford an attorney. If you cannot locate one of the organizations, your local library should be able to assist you in finding a legal aid service in your area.

Aggravated battery with a firearm?

Not a Good Situation, A Felony, Get a good Lawyer (If you can find one) or a good Public Defender (if you cannot afford one) GOOD LUCK!

What is the name for a lawyer who assists accused?

The Defense Attorney. For those who cannot afford one a Public Defender is appointed, a defense attorney who is paid by the city or state.

I am in divorce proceeding for divorce and my spouses attorney is asking for my immigration status so am I obligated by law to share my immigration status in civil divorce proceeding and court?

If you do not already have a lawyer it is wise to get one to protect your rights. If you do have a lawyer then your lawyer should be advising you whether you need to show your immigration status. If you cannot afford a lawyer the courts will provide a lawyer for you.

How are federal criminal defense lawyers hired?

Federal criminal defense lawyers are either appointed by the federal court or hired by the defendant. If a defendant cannot afford an attorney, the federal court will appoint a federal criminal defense lawyer and pay that lawyer in accordance with the Criminal Justice Act and now-a-days from federal defender organizations. A federal criminal defense lawyer hired by the defendant can be selected based on whatever the defendant prefers, though a lawyer with experience in criminal cases on the federal level are typically most sought after.

What are the benefits for a criminal justice lawyer?

you get some!

How long was Thurgood Marshall a lawyer?

All of his adult life. He was a lawyer even as a justice.

Why does Gideon come to trial without a lawyer?

Because he couldnt afford an attorney to represent him in criminal court. The US Supreme Court ruled that criminal defendants will be provided with a defense attorney at government cost when the defendant cannot afford an attorney.

Is Criminal justice and a detective the same?

is a criminal justice lawyer and a detective the same thing

What happens if you dont have a lawyer for your trial?

Then you will proceed pro se. If it is a criminal trial, and you cannot afford an attorney but would like one, you may ask the court to appoint one for you.

What decision by the warren court determined that the state must provide a lawyer to a person accused of a crime who cannot afford one?

Gideon v. Wainwright