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Yes. Your doctor is not required to file to your secondary insurance.

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Q: Can your doctor bill you before submitting a claim to your secondary insurance?
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Can a doctor make you pay for an operation before submitting bill to insurance?


What do you do if your doctor does not submit to your secondary insurance and now its denied for timely filing?

appeal to secondary insurance

how does secondary insurance work?

Here's a basic example of how secondary health insurance works. You go to the doctor, he charges you $100 for the visit. Your primary insurance pays him $50 and disallows $10. The remainder of the bill, $40, then either comes to you to pay or to a secondary insurance. In most cases the secondary will pay most, if not all of the $40.

Can i use my secondary medical insurance to cover doctor's fees not in my primary plan?

not that we know of honey

When you have a primary and secondary insurance will the co-pay from your primary insurance be paid by the secondary insurance?

I have insurance paid for by my employer (primary) and through my husband's employer (secondary). In my experience, I have never had to pay the copay required by my primary because it is covered by my secondary. When I first got married, 2 years ago, I still paid the copay, but the doctor's office would always send me a check for the copay a month later because the secondary paid it.

What is required to file secondary insurance the doctor bill or the primary insurance explanation of benefits?

Good question, read the policy. It wouldn't hurt to send both.

Can you go to a doctor without insurance?

Sure, but the doctor will expect you to pay the bill, probably before you leave the office. Although, if you explain that you don't have insurance, they might discount their services a bit.

How much is a doctor visit with insurance?

It really depends on the doctor, the insurance coverage, your deductable, your insurance provider, and the reason and result of your doctor visit.

Does your primary doctor perform the physical for life insurance?

It can be your primary doctor or a doctor that the life insurance company chooses.

If the doctor is a non contracted provider with medicare, is the physician liable for submitting claims on behalf of the patient?

Physician practices are not required to submit insurance claim forms, but they generally do it as a service to the patient and to ensure proper payment.

Can a doctor charge you more for the remainder if the insurance pays what it is worth?

The doctor bills insurance for your office visit. Insurance will pay the doctor their contracted rate and the rest is written off. if you are billed for charges after the insurance paid, call your insurance company.

How do you find best doctor to treat tapeworm human?

You must visit your primary care physician before seeing any other doctor for your tapeworm. Then, if it is beyond your primary doctor's ability to care for it, they will refer you to a doctor that accepts your insurance.

Will a doctor accept what an insurance would pay if the patient has no insurance?

Some do and some do not. You have to check with each individual doctor.

What do you need to know when telling your doctor you are switching insurance?

Ask your doctor if he is part of the new insurance network that you are joining.

Can you choose your doctor if you have Blue Cross Insurance?

You can choose any doctor you would like with blue Cross Insurance. As long as the doctor is registered with the BCBS you will be covered.

Have you gone to an out-of-network doctor with Ternian insurance?

Do not get this insurance they won't pay.

Why doctor wants to know if you have other health insurance?

The somewhat cynical answer is "because he wants to estimate how long your insurance companies are going to argue about which of them should pay before he actually gets paid."

Is transportation to the doctor from a nursing facility covered by insurance?

maybe, it depends on what insurance

Does MetLife Term Life Insurance require a physical from a doctor?

Yes, as of March 2014, MetLife Term Insurance does require a physical from a doctor.

If a married couple have medical insurance through each one's employer who's insurance pays the doctor bills first?

I have been a medical biller for over 10 years. It is always whoever is going to the doctor that one's insurance will pay. So, the husband goes to the doctor it is his insurance that would be the primary insurance and the wife's insurance could then be billed for the balance, i.e. copay, deductible, etc.

How do you find a Doctor Who accepts assignment?

Typically, you find a doctor who accepts assignment from your insurance company by contacting your insurance company for a list of participating providers.

What is the difference between copay and coinsurance when you have primary and secondary insurance?

A copay is a "set" dollar amount you pay at the time of treatment. For instance, a $35 doctor copay. If you have level one doctor visits, you pay nothing more than the $35 doctor copay. Co-insurance is the percentage you share with the insurance company after your deductible has been met. When you have two policies - your primary insurance will pay first (subject to deductible and co-insurance), and then your second policy starts with the balance left from the primary policy (subject to deductible and co-insurance again). For instance a primary policy with a 5,000 deductible and 80/20 co-insurance of $5000. Your bill for surgery is 6000. You pay 5,000 + 20% of $5000 (1000) = $6000.00 Your balance of your surgery bill is 0

How long before claim is invalid?

I was terminated on June 2011. I have Fibromyalgia I have not seen a doctor since 2011 because i have no health insurance. Can I still claim state disability if my future doctor sighs my paperwork?

Which kind of insurance protects from the costs of illness that involves a trip to the doctor?

health insurance.

What happens if you have a Health Reimbursement Account and you visit a doctor that does not take you insurance?

Unless you have an emergency, you must enquire ahead of time, remind you Doctor before they make referrals, and if pertinent, provide your Doctor with a Formulary of covered medications, tests and therapies for your plan.

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