Can your dogs be taken away on Nintendogs?


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No and sorta yes it will try to get out of the house but i don't know if it will actually run away


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No. In the regular nintendogs, they didn't realise that it was possible to breed the dogs. So now in the most recent nintendogs game, nintendogs and cats, they have taken away any possibility to breed.

No, you can't get more than eight dogs in Nintendogs.

OK so when you buy dogs those dogs are taken away from their mom if your thinking to buy a puppy the pound has better dogs that are not taken away from their mother

dogs don"t have puppies on nintendogs

there is no cheat or code to make your nintendogs small

There is a total of 20 diffrent breeds on nintendogs. you can keep 5 dogs in the dog hotel, and 3 dogs at home.

No I don't think so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ No. But they do come up with new nintendogs with more dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will b a Nintendogs and Cats. There are new dogs and cats:)

As far as i know your dogs cannot die, they only run away if you don't feed them.

No. Nintendogs are robots, not actual real-life dogs.

idk why they didnt let nintendogs have babys but if you have the manual for nintendogs it will say that none of the nintendogs games allows you to have babies.

You can have 3 dogs in your house and 5 dogs at the hotel.

You can unlock more dogs on "Nintendogs" by connecting with people who have the breed of dog you want and winning contests.

No, Nintendogs will never physically grow and will always remain as puppies.

Every dog in nintendogs that you own may be accsessorized

dog run away because you dont feed them you dont give them baths or dont let them drink

No. There is no way to make puppies on Nintendogs.

Ufortunately, you can't.

Nintendogs has different games with different types of dogs on them. Such as the Labrador & Friends game, which has Miniature Pinscher, Shiba Inu, and much more.

you need to buy calm dogs then they will cuddle.

In nintendogs your dog can not have a puppy. You can only but new dogs.

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