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Legally? no, your employer has 60 days to mail you information on COBRA policies they offer. Your policy from your employment will terminate 30 business days after your employment ends

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: Can your employer cancel your medical coverage before you have received any info about cobra coverage?
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Does an employer have to reinstate group coverage through COBRA before the initial premium is received from the employee?

I believe the answer to that is no, although once the payment is made, there is an exta amount that can be paid to cover the time in between the termination of employment, and the beginnign of COBRA coverage.

Can your employer ask for proof for other coverage if you are trying to cancel you insurance with them before they will cancel you?


Does an employer have to respond to an unemployment claim before benefits can be received?


Can your employer cut off health coverage without notice?

No. Under ERISA (a federal law for employer health plans), an employer has to give at least 60 days notice before ending a health plan. The bummer is that COBRA coverage will not be available if the employer ends the plan. The carrier may offer you an individual (non-group) plan.

Can you receive disability for pregnancy in tx?

Texas does not have a state mandated disability program. You can get coverage through your employer if they offer a voluntary option. You would need to begin coverage before getting pregnant.

Does your employer have the right to see all your medical records before your injury?

Absolutely not. No one except yourself has access to your medical records. If an employer is requesting or obtaining your records, he is probably in voilation of HIPPA provacy laws.

In Pennsylvania can an employer legally ask an employee for proof of marriage or divorce before adding or deleting insurance coverage for a dependent?

Yes, it is more likely it is the insurance provider's requirement rather than the employer.

If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire?

Did you have coverage before? If so, then you are probably guaranteed issue into your wife's group plan - as it would be a "special enrollment" If there is a medical questionnaire - it's for determining premium, not if you will be covered

What does the medical abbreviation pre-d mean?

In medical insurance a "Pre-D" is a predetermination of plan coverage versus plan exclusion or denial of a specific service or device before the service is rendered or before the device is provided.

Can a pregnant employee be terminated for taking family medical leave three weeks before baby is born?

Most likely not, as long as your employer is bound by the FMLA and you have been with the Employer long enough.

Can an employer force you to keep insurance on dependent children if your ex has insurance on them but the insurance won't drop coverage unless there is a court order for the ex to cover them?

Your employer can not legally force you to insure anyone unless the employer is in possession of a court order that requires the employer to keep this coverage in place. In going thru this issue before the HR department said that: There needs to be a "qualifying event" to be able to drop coverage. However, qualifying event refers to GETTING or enrolling for coverage, NOT taking coverage off. The Blue Cross Manual says "Employees may be deleted from the plan due to termination of employment, ineligibility for coverage under the plan or when the employee does not wish to continue coverage regardless of his/her employment status and/or eligibility." Ask the Employer or Insurance Company to cite the law or their manual. It appears they are confused between getting coverage midyear and taking coverage off. CA Insurance Code 10700 et etc. applies to GETTING coverage - not taking it off at the employees request For more information see

What are three reasons a claim can be returned by insurance companies?

Medical expenses were incurred before insurance coverage, noncovered service deemed not a medical necessity, provider's address, PIN, or group number is missing.

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